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AI in Learning: Reflecting on 2023 and Beyond

Eager to understand the transformative power of AI in Learning and wider HR?

Watch this webinar panel session which helps to shed some light on the AI-driven changes of 2023 and the future of learning. Hosted by L&D consultant Claire Doody, joined by Cornerstone Chief Learning Officer Marc Ramos and Meredith Wellard, VP Group Talent Acquisition, Learning and Growth, DPDHL, this session was designed for L&D and HR professionals, and anyone keen on understanding the AI landscape in learning.

Why watch?

Insights into how AI is already transforming Learning and HR from coding innovations to enhanced customer service to skills matching and profiling.

A look at the importance of upskilling in the face of rapid AI advancements.

Reflections on Cornerstone's AI journey, our Intelligent Tech Fabric, and commitment to ethical AI use.

Prepare to Navigate the AI Landscape in Learning

This webinar offers a golden opportunity to understand the past, present, and future of AI-driven corporate education. Whether you're a learning and development or HR professional, or simply curious about the world of AI, this session promises valuable insights and an engaging discussion.

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