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AIESEC: Improving productivity and enabling real-time collaboration among 41,000 global volunteers

Established in 1948, AIESEC strives to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by facilitating cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships for young people.

As a global nonprofit organization with over 41,000 student volunteers and staff in 126 countries and territories, AIESEC must be able to share information and coordinate resources quickly, efficiently and in real time. Yet AIESEC’s static, website-based content delivery system couldn’t respond dynamically to the shifting needs of the volunteers it was meant to engage and support.

As most volunteers are university students who only work with AIESEC for one year, AIESEC needed a complete talent management solution that would be easy to integrate and appeal to a millennial user base. The solution also had to be accessible from anywhere in the world, on any device. “One of our goals was to come up with a solution for faster, more effective communication between our members and to create an environment that promotes the growth of our individual volunteers and our organization as a whole,” said Christina Kelman, AIESEC’s global vice president of network and people management.

Why Cornerstone

In 2016, when AIESEC was looking for a new global talent management and learning platform, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation reached out with a grant from its technology grants program.

“The Cornerstone Foundation selected AIESEC to receive a technology grant because the organization’s leadership demonstrated a clear vision of how learning technology can empower and inspire a new generation of youth leaders,” said Julie Brandt, executive director for the Foundation. “We share AIESEC’s commitment to enabling young adults to reach their full potential, and we are honored to work alongside such an innovative, transformative organization.”

AIESEC began distributing Cornerstone’s platform to more volunteers in early 2017. In the few short months since implementation, AIESEC has seen great improvements in volunteer development, knowledge sharing, talent readiness and productivity across its global network of volunteers.

The Results

Reduced time to competency. With Cornerstone’s tailored training solutions, AIESEC can now quickly upskill its new volunteers, ensuring their preparedness for their roles in the organization and beyond. Volunteers can also connect to ongoing training and development resources on their own schedules, from anywhere in the world.

Facilitated real-time knowledge sharing and collaboration among peers. Cornerstone’s learning management and social collaboration tools empower AIESEC’s volunteers to share information and best practices with their colleagues around the globe. New users can now easily see what has been done before, giving them the benefit of the experience of their predecessors and a leg up as they refine and develop ideas and processes to adapt to the changing needs of the organization.

Easily identified exceptional talent. Cornerstone makes it easy for AIESEC to pinpoint high performers among its volunteers. This gives the nonprofit the information it needs to develop strong prospects for succession opportunities, either internally or in pursuit of other career opportunities.

Enhanced efficiency and boosted productivity. With Cornerstone, AIESEC’s business and informational assets are all accessible in one place, making it simple for users to spend less time looking for answers and more on making a difference. Volunteers can work more efficiently and begin to develop competency and critical skills that both benefit their work in the field and provide growth experiences on the path to their future careers–all part of moving AIESEC’s global mission forward. Said Kelman, “We are excited to continue on this journey with Cornerstone to further advance our organization.”

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Customer Story

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