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ProLiteracy Amplified Adult Literacy By Centralizing Its Learning Resources

Since its founding in 2002—and with firm roots dating back to the 1950s—ProLiteracy has had a singular mission: to change lives and communities through the power of literacy. Therefore, it goes without saying that learning is the driving force behind ProLiteracy.


  • Course content was print-heavy and not interactive.
  • Small team was spread thin across 1,000+ adult literacy programs, 90,000+ volunteers. » Too much time spent training instructors on new digital tools and content formats.
  • No direct link to the end-users (aka, the students themselves)

Why Cornerstone

ProLiteracy needed a reliable and easily accessible system to consolidate its resources into a central hub, improve content management, and simplify the account creation process. Through a powerful combination of Cornerstone Learning and Extended Enterprise, ProLiteracy was able to speed up innovation and expand its reach faster than ever before.

Increased engagement. ”One of the reasons why we moved everything over to Cornerstone was to be able to create and launch new programs quickly,” explained Todd Evans, Director of Professional Development at ProLiteracy. Since launching ProLiteracy’s one-on-one digital tutor-training program, ProLiteracy has been able to onboard 10,000+ users.

Better content optimization. Reviews were added to ProLiteracy’s training modules, so volunteer instructors could provide feedback on the difficulty of test questions. “If specific exam questions get too low of a pass rate, it signals to us that we need to improve those questions to ensure we’re measuring mastery of the coursework accurately,” explained Evans.

Freed up resources. “Cornerstone always works the way it’s supposed to work,” said Evans. This has led to a decrease in customer service emails for techrelated issues, freeing up more time to deliver great educational content. “Our volunteer instructors need things to work the same way every time, otherwise they won’t come back - and that’s a missed opportunity to help someone learn to read.”

Enhanced user experience. “The Cornerstone user experience is truly beautiful,” stated Evans. “Not to mention, it is highly customizable!” ProLiteracy created customized login and self-registration workflows for the partner programs, making it easier for instructors to get up and running. There are 70+ programs benefiting from this simplified workflow.

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Customer Story

Lions Eye Institute: Expanding Learning and Performance Capabilities

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