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Are Social Referrals Really the Answer To Attracting Passive Candidates?

Peter Gold

Founder, Storifyd

Will our vast social networks open up access to the elusive passive candidates like never before?

Clearly the growing number of specialist social referral products hope this will be the case but the one thing they all have in common, is their need for the job which originates in the ATS. This means the employer will need to integrate their ATS with the referral system to make it seamless for both the recruiter and the candidate.

But what if you could just switch it on in your ATS because social referrals were built in as standard?

That would put you well on your way to getting that elusive social referral system without the need for any third party integration or of course additional costs!

Youth has its advantages

As some of the "younger" recruitment systems have been developed during the social era they know the importance of our social networks so have made sure social is part of their standard ATS functionality. Such as:

  • Auto matching of relevant candidates from your employee social networks.

  • Simple sharing of selected jobs across your chosen networks.

  • A single view of the applicant regardless of source.

  • Referral source tracked so the credit always goes to the right person.

Employee social referrals may be a relatively new concept yet the job application still needs to be part of the standard recruiter process rather than an after-thought or bolt-on separate system. Ease of use for the recruiter is key but it’s vital that the employee interface is also simple and convenient to maximise engagement with employees.

Of course, some will question how successful social referrals will really be and question whether they should invest the time and money before the market has proven itself. Valid points; it may still be too early to tell but if your ATS has this functionality built in as standard there’s no reason not to use it. And whilst everyone else is still wondering, you’re hiring and thriving in the new untapped mines of social referrals.

Seeing is believing

I’m the type of person that likes to see systems for myself before I believe they really exist so if you’re like me, why not go and see the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud and many others for yourself at iRecruit in Amsterdam on the 20th and 21st June this year.

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