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Beyond boundaries: Introducing Cornerstone Galaxy

Karthik Suri

Chief Product Officer, Cornerstone

As the velocity of change in how we work accelerates, organizations grapple with an inability to keep pace. People can’t deliver what organizations need, when and where they need it.

We call this the workforce readiness gap, and at Cornerstone, we understand the struggle firsthand. That's why we've made it our mission to stand with our customers, empowering them to bridge the workforce readiness gap effectively.

We've listened intently to our customers' experiences, and what we've heard is clear. This workforce readiness gap hinders their ability to keep pace with evolving skill sets, meet the development expectations of their people and gain crucial visibility into their workforce’s capabilities. The consequences? It impacts everything from productivity to the bottom line:

  • The cost of losing talent is substantial — in fact, looking back at 2023, turnover cost organizations $5.73 trillion (about $18,000 per person in the US)
  • The loss of talent and inability to pivot quickly and become productive faster — according to Korn Ferry results in $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenue
  • A 10,000-employee organization can yield a $4 to $7 million savings to their business through better workforce agility and improved retention

To close this gap, you need a workforce agility strategy that aligns your people’s development and your organization’s strategy. Because when your people are at their best, organizations are at their best. You need a solution that will help you develop the right skills quickly, connect the goals of your people and managers, and give you the visibility to design the workforce you need to navigate change today and tomorrow.

That’s why we’ve developed Cornerstone Galaxy, a complete, AI-powered workforce agility platform designed to build high-performing, future-ready individuals and organizations alike.

Say hello to Cornerstone Galaxy

Cornerstone Galaxy is our holistic, interconnected platform of solutions that go beyond traditional learning and talent development systems to help organizations respond quickly to change and exploit those changes as opportunities.

With Cornerstone Galaxy, you'll swiftly develop the necessary skills, align people's aspirations with managerial objectives and craft a workforce tailored for present and future demands. And the best part? It's all on our open, adaptable platform, allowing you to choose only what you need from our comprehensive suite of solutions and seamlessly integrate them into your existing HR technology.

Let's explore the components of the Galaxy:

Cornerstone Learn

Develop your people with both assigned and self-directed learning to increase employee engagement, productivity and innovation. Extend learning beyond your organization to include your entire talent supply chain, from employees to customers to partners. Create a strong culture of learning that will drive engagement and enable the skills your organization needs to innovate at speed.

Cornerstone Elevate

Accelerate performance and career mobility for all your people through continuous performance management and self-directed access to internal jobs, projects and gigs. By emphasizing skills-based talent acquisition, both internally and externally, we enhance the connectivity between learning, skills, internal mobility and performance management. This unique approach helps retain high performers and advances workforce agility, setting us apart from other vendors in the market.

Cornerstone Transform

Navigate uncertainty with talent intelligence and proactive guidance from our industry-leading experts. With our advanced workforce insights and HR and HCM tools, you’ll be able to connect the dots between your development programs and organizational performance for faster, more effective decision-making.

Cornerstone Content

Help your people build the skills of the future with premium, expertly curated learning content, AI-powered curation and creation tools, and an ecosystem of 200+ learning partners.

Cornerstone Extend

Provide unprecedented access to learning and growth in the flow of work by seamlessly integrating with HR systems, skills platforms and productivity apps. We don’t believe in locking you in. To be agile you need flexibility, and no other platform provides this level of integration.

So, what sets Cornerstone Galaxy apart?

At the heart of Cornerstone Galaxy lies a workforce agility engine with over 45,000 skills identified using AI, ensuring you have tailored solutions right at your fingertips. And that's not all. The real magic is that Cornerstone Galaxy is:

  • Extensible – Aligns your systems with a flexible and open platform for better insights and experiences for employees, contractors, partners and customers
  • Unified – Connects experiences, data and skills to pave clear pathways toward high performance for your people and organization
  • Holistic – Closes your unique workforce gaps in ways that work for you by choosing only what you need from our breadth and depth of solutions

Our commitment to your success

Here at Cornerstone, we're not just about products — we're about partnership. We're here to equip you with the tools, insights and support necessary to empower your people and propel your organization forward. Because when employees are operating at their best, your entire organization stands to benefit.

By bridging the readiness gaps in your workforce, Cornerstone Galaxy paves the way for transformative change and sustained success. And our journey doesn't end here. Join us in exploring our latest product innovations to witness firsthand how we're pushing the boundaries of AI and immersive learning and leading the market with groundbreaking advancements that redefine the future of work.

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