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As the world evolves, so does how we learn. The expansion of remote and hybrid work has made in-person training too expensive, too slow, or both. But building your own online content library can also run into those same issues. To stay ahead of the future, your organisation needs relevant learning content that customises to your needs and scales with your growth. With Cornerstone Content Anytime, you and your people can access personalised on-demand content right in the flow of work. No matter how your people learn, you can provide each of them with skill-building and guidance that align with their wants and your organisation’s needs.

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Pride Month and beyond: Building inclusive workplaces through learning

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Pride Month and beyond: Building inclusive workplaces through learning

In recent years, there’s been significant progress in advancing LGBTQ+ rights and fostering a more inclusive society. It’s crucial for organizations to actively support their LGBTQ+ employees and stay updated on current issues.

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