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Global learning for local markets

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics specialises in tailored logistic solutions for different industries. Its services include logistic services, freight transport, IT solutions and consultancy. Hellmann was founded in Osnabrück in 1871 and has been a family-owned company over four generations.

Hellmann has been noted for consistently growing with its customers. The company now boasts a complex global partner network with over 19,000 employees in 157 countries. This multitude of countries and heterogeneous learning cultures – with drivers and warehouse employees on one hand, and administrative employees on the other – presents a particularly big challenge in learning and further training. Hellman was using several different learning solutions and only offered classroom-based training. “We lacked a global, transparent approach to learning”, explains Birgit Kindermann, learning & development specialist and project lead for the learning management system. “We could neither refer to reports nor quickly generate a detailed overview of our employees’ training.”

Why Cornerstone?

The aim was to create a consistent, systematic approach to learning. Hellmann wanted to invest in the development of its employees as a way to foster mobility and fill in competency gaps. In 2012, Hellmann decided to invest in Cornerstone OnDemand. “We wanted a global uniform learning platform that was flexible and easy to use for our employees and HR”, explains Milena Beledelli, HR specialist for learning & development. “Our aim was to boost the reach of our learning programme and make tailored training available globally.”

The cloud-based system also gave Hellmann the opportunity to reach employees who don’t have access to the Hellmann network. “At first, we were quite skeptical about using a cloud solution”, says Kindermann, “but in the end, we were won over by the advantages of the tailored solution, which we can use to plug any existing gaps in our learning programmes.”

The global roll-out began in in October 2012, and was done in March 2015. “Cornerstone was at our side every step of the way as we transitioned to a globally uniform learning platform, and it used its expertise to support the implementation process from start to finish.”

The Results

Extended training opportunities. Today, employees can choose from different units in the learning programme, including classroom training, web-based courses and self-guided learning. Through interactive online courses, tutorials and forums, they can access industry information, as well as soft-skill and safety training. The system has helped boost user figures and cost savings.

Created global uniform learning. Before implementation, not all employees were able to benefit from company training. With the cloud-based solution, these groups will now also have open access to the system. The system’s multi-client capabilities and multilingualism also make it quickly and easily adaptable to local needs and learning cultures. Currently, Hellmann uses around 6 different languages in the system.

Engaged and motivated employees. Individual employees can access the learning content through their browser, the hallmarks of which are speed, a familiar user interface and ease of use.

“We wanted to give our employees the simplest possible access to all relevant training topics and let them drive their own career development”, emphasises Kindermann. Opportunities for progression within the company are more visible, thus increasing employee motivation and retention. Based on their annual appraisal, employees can create their own learning and development plan in the LMS.

More transparency. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Hellmann is committed to uphold labour standards, environmental protection and human rights. The reporting in Cornerstone Learning allows Hellmann to create transparency and report on its implementation of obligatory compliance and safety. Which is key to avoiding learning redundancies, while boosting efficiency.

Facilitated better networking. Another of the company’s goals was to promote cooperation between project teams and employees worldwide using Cornerstone Connect. “We plan to use the tool to facilitate cooperation and the exchange of information across divisions and countries, also to get a positive impact on employee retention”, reports Milena Beledelli.

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Cornerstone Performance: Holistic talent development that drives business forward

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