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Providing employees with meaningful learning experiences

RSA, a multinational insurance group serving 17 million customers in over 140 countries, started working with Cornerstone OnDemand in 2010, when Cornerstone was appointed as its Learning Management System (LMS) provider. Cornerstone’s software forms the backbone of RSA’s portal, Learning Zone, a central hub for all learning and development assets.

Following an internal review, the RSA team became aware that although they worked with a large number of learning providers, the learning curriculum had gaps. They also felt that working with more learning vendors added additional complexity, but there wasn’t one vendor that could address all of its needs.

Unsure of how to address this challenge, RSA turned to Cornerstone with clear objectives it needed to meet. RSA wanted a vendor that could provide a tailored learning experience for its people, increase learning uptake from 30 percent, and reduce administration and complexity for the company.

Why Cornerstone

Having worked with the company for some time, RSA saw Cornerstone as a reliable and trusted source for advice. RSA had invested time in understanding its people and understood what needed to be taken into consideration when developing and providing targeted learning content.

“We knew what gaps we needed to fill in our learning curriculum and needed to not only fill these, but also cut the costs and complexity of delivering it,” said Gloria Pakravan, global talent technologies manager for RSA.

The Cornerstone team already had relationships with a number of RSA’s existing learning providers, as well as two suppliers which RSA was keen to work with. This made the transition to working with Cornerstone for learning content much simpler.

“The benefit of working with Cornerstone to manage both the content and LMS was that they were able to tailor both the LMS interface and the content for our people, making our learning easy to use and manage, as well as strategically focused,” continued Pakravan.

The Results

Consolidated learning content vendors from twelve to three. RSA now has a curriculum with no gaps and that maps all learning to individual needs. Also, because Cornerstone manages all of the content, RSA only needs to liaise with one person for all curriculum, making management much easier.

“We took the time to understand our people and how they wanted to learn. Our people want bitesized chunks of learning that fits around them, rather than time-intensive courses. For example, 40 percent of our online book usage is on mobile devices, not PCs, so we’ve taken this insight and built it in,” said Bartlett.

Drove organic learning conversations within RSA In the UK, multiple vehicles were used to promote the new learning curriculum, including RSA’s intranet and internal social channels. RSA’s intranet was used to target employees specifically; for example, after taking part in a particular course, it would recommend future courses or books that would support ongoing learning. By having discussions on enterprise social channels about courses employees had completed, organic conversations grew with peer-to-peer and senior leadership recommendations, encouraging further learning.

Increased learning license usage from 30 percent to 100 percent. All licenses for RSA’s Learning Zone portal are now allocated, as employees are taking up the learning available. RSA also has received industry recognition for its approach to learning, winning three Training Journal Awards (2013), including “Best Use of Technology in Learning,” as well as being ranked in The Times “Top 25 Invested Companies to Work For.”

Bartlett concluded, “Cornerstone has helped us enhance our learning curriculum, from consolidating the number of content vendors we use to just three whilst also helping us tailor the experience to our people, helping us provide them with a meaningful learning experience.”

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