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Tricentis: The future of learning is digital

The future of learning is digital

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Mountain View, California, Tricentis is the leader in Continuous Testing and software test automation. The Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing platform accelerates testing cycles for Global 2000 companies so they can achieve their Agile and DevOps objectives. Tricentis offers a unique model-based test automation approach, enabling companies to achieve previously unattainable test automation rates of up to 90%. This approach encompasses riskbased testing, test data management and provisioning, and service virtualization. Over the years, Tricentis has established itself as a reliable enterprise partner, helping to deliver significant performance improvements to testing projects.

Founded in 2007 in Vienna, Tricentis has offices in Austria, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, the United States and the UK. Tricentis is recognized as the Continuous Testing leader by Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. Its 600+ customers include global names such as A&E, Allianz, BMW, Deutsche Bank, ING, Orange, Swiss Re, Toyota, UBS, Vantiv, Vodafone and Zurich Insurance.

Managing so many locations and stakeholders on a dynamic growth path presented Tricentis and its customers with certain challenges. In addition, Tricentis was looking for a sales onboarding program tailored to the needs of its own people. The learning management system (LMS) in use at the time had reached its limits as Leony Kaikov, Project Coordinator Operations at Tricentis explained: “We needed a tool that could combine support for our use cases with ease of maintenance.”

Why Cornerstone?

Tricentis did not have its own reporting functionality in place, and previous service providers could not deliver fast, detailed overviews of user performance and training progress. In addition, the e-learning systems deployed to date were difficult to use and proved to be an unnecessary drain on resources. Tricentis thus decided to increasingly invest in a cloud-based LMS with a view to increasing training effectiveness and offering users a flexible learning experience.

The company was looking for an end-to-end, holistic solution capable of supporting all use cases. Cornerstone promised not only to deliver on these requirements, but also to offer professional implementation support. Tricentis was impressed with Cornerstone’s offering and the two companies started working together in June 2016.

Historic data from around 2,000 companies was successfully synchronized with Cornerstone OnDemand, and Tricentis went live with the entire system after a short, eight-week implementation phase. Preparations included new training content, security specifications and customer reports – which were shared shortly after the live date. In addition, dashboards were created for the stakeholders.

The Results

Transparency and engagement. Given the complex training content required for Tricentis Tosca, the training modules needed to be adapted to the new platform. Equipped with the new Cornerstone applications, Tricentis can now cover specialised topics more effectively and motivate users more powerfully in the process. “A cloud-based service means our users have 24/7 access to all key training modules,” says Kaikov. She continues: “What’s more, promoting dedicated Massive Open Online Courses mean we can keep our users up to speed and increase their Tosca proficiency significantly.”

Uniform, global network. The alliance with Cornerstone was also geared towards extending Tricentis’ collaboration capabilities. With the new solution, the company was aiming to enable external users and Tricentis employees to successfully complete an onboarding program – for sales and support department for instance – within just 15 days. Cornerstone’s LMS has scored very high in this area. “Since rollout in June 2016, 35,920 new subscribers have taken part in online training courses – 29,198 of which have completed the courses. Compared with our pre-Cornerstone figures, this represents a jump of 290% of Tricentis Tosca certificates in just a year and a half,” reports Kaikov.

Future-fit training concept and automated processes. The future of learning is digital. With Cornerstone, Tricentis is now able to accommodate individual learning needs and habits. “The offerings are extremely diverse, accessible anytime and anywhere and supporting on-demand learning with a rich blend of an e-learning courses,” continues Kaikov. “Interactive onboarding programs enable our new employees to complete training relevant specifically to their working needs and thus accelerate the transition to a productive working day. This obviously aligns perfectly with our automated process strategy.”

Optimised performance. The new LMS focuses quite clearly on the individual user, who has easy access to all relevant training content and can manage learning progress and speed autonomously. “Optimized deployment of our new LMS gives us a transparent overview of all training certificates, and we can share these insights worldwide with relevant stakeholders. Thanks to Cornerstone, we were able to dramatically increase the number of subscribers and certificates last year, and we also reach new users through a range of innovative initiatives,” concludes Kaikov.

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