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Considered AI helps L&D practitioners work smarter, not harder in 2024

If you want to deliver personalised, skill-based content experiences for your team with unparalleled ease and simplicity, then you don’t want to miss this session.

The question still abounds in 2024, should we be using Gen AI in talent and HR? The answer is yes! AI can help you increase productivity, make your life easier and support you to automate some of the tasks that can take hours, but with AI, can take minutes.

Join us for this exciting session where you can find out more about this year’s content innovations and how they will help you drive impactful talent experiences and business outcomes across 2024.

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Drive your organization forward with Skills in Cornerstone


Drive your organization forward with Skills in Cornerstone

Organizations need to continuously grow the capabilities of their people to meet an always-changing landscape. Whether it’s new technologies or pivots in business strategy, organizations can be more effective if they know what skills are available to them, and what gaps they need to fill.

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