Cornerstone Create Tool

Cornerstone Create Tool gives you the power to customize Grovo courses or build new ones from scratch to align with your organization’s needs. Learn how you can quickly and easily edit Grovo courses to match your organization’s key words and themes, create custom courses using various media files, and more.

Download this datasheet for all the important details about Cornerstone Create Tool from product capabilities, what you can edit and create, to how it integrates with Cornerstone learning solutions.

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Working better together with open architecture

Blog Post

Working better together with open architecture

Employee experience and talent management are in the midst of digital transformation. In today's fast-paced workforce, it's essential to find ways to optimize core HR functions like recruiting, onboarding, learning, development, performance and career growth. Open architecture is an innovative technology that can help tackle these laborious tasks, deadlines and goals. In this article, we'll explore what open architecture is, how it differs from closed architecture and the key features that benefit organizations.

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