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Cornerstone: Pioneering the path to agility

Himanshu Palsule

CEO, Cornerstone

In the ever-evolving world of business, change isn't merely a footnote — it's the narrative driving our journey, either forward or reverse. We've seen it manifest in many forms throughout the years, but this velocity of change sets a new benchmark. And many workforces are struggling to keep up. According to findings found in partnership with Lighthouse Research, 39% of employees do not think their employer can adapt to changing conditions.

This ongoing transformation isn't just about technological advancements, shifting demographics or compounding global conditions — it's about a fundamental difference in how we work, learn and grow. The World Economic Forum predicts that in the next five years, skills gaps and the ability to attract talent will constitute the most crucial barriers to preventing industry transformation.

Embracing change as a core competency

As the CEO of Cornerstone, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges leaders face on the frontlines of this reformation. In the face of explosive technological breakthroughs, they're also wrestling with a trifecta of other issues: skills gaps, shifting expectations and a lack of visibility into their team's talents.

The demand for new skills surpasses the ability to cultivate them, creating a challenging deficit. The evolving expectations of workers leave them dissatisfied and seeking development opportunities that exceed what their employers currently provide. And the lack of insight into workforce data complicates decision-making for leaders across all levels. Without a clear grasp of the skills landscape, they’re navigating uncertain terrain blindfolded and exposed to the winds of ongoing change.

The consequences of ignoring these challenges are burdensome — from dwindling competitiveness to the erosion of talent and ingenuity. Yet the Cornerstone Talent Health Index discovered that only 37% of companies leverage learner-centric solutions to streamline the flow of talent management.

Transformative times call for workforce agility

But in every crisis lies an opportunity for progress. We must embrace workforce agility. It isn't a momentary mindset. Workforce agility is a principle that will revolutionize how organizations operate and survive in this new era. It empowers people to learn and grow in lockstep with the demands of the modern market. Pacesetters and trailblazers exemplify this ethos of agility.

Research analyst, speaker and author Josh Bersin stated recently: "The companies who execute HR practices like career management, internal mobility, leadership support, internal hiring and learning and development (L&D) better move faster, innovate better and generally outpace the competition."

With workforce agility, organizational leaders can finally link human potential to organizational success by:

  • Developing the right skills quickly
  • Connecting the goals of people and their managers
  • Designing a purpose-built workforce built to meet business needs

Data and studies consistently show that agile organizations outperform their competitors. According to research by McKinsey, agile organizations are 2.7 times more likely to be top performers in their industry. Additionally, a report by Deloitte found that organizations with a strong focus on agility report higher levels of employee engagement, customer satisfaction and overall business performance. Workforce agility means proactively anticipating and shaping the future.

The next frontier of learning and talent development

At Cornerstone, we understand that when people are at their best, organizations are, too. Because when people are supported to reach their full potential, they become the driving force behind organizational success. That’s why today, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Cornerstone Galaxy — the testament of our commitment to workforce agility — one open, holistic, unified platform that can evolve to meet tomorrow's needs. And it's powered by innovative technology critical for fostering high-performing, future-ready organizations.

Cornerstone aims to shape organizations with limitless learning and talent development that better serves businesses and those who work there. Please join us on this journey toward a future where agility isn't just a competitive advantage but the cornerstone of success. Together, let's unlock the boundless potential of your workforce and usher in a new era of innovation and growth.

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Lighthouse Research & Advisory – The Workforce Readiness Gap: New Data Shows Accelerating Pace of Change Requires Workforce Agility

Workforce agility is a concrete concept tied to workforce behaviors that we can influence, support, and develop. And it has now become mission-critical for top-performing organizations today.

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