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Helping customers empower their people: Cornerstone wins three Trust Radius “Top-Rated” Awards

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At Cornerstone, we believe people can achieve anything when they have the right development and opportunities.

One of the most significant obstacles facing business leaders today is figuring out how to navigate change and, better yet, turn it into opportunity. And it’s here that having the aforementioned “right development and opportunities” can make all the difference.

Organizations need to develop employees in order to meet the shifting demands of the world. By continuously building the skills of their people to meet emerging business priorities, change becomes an opportunity.

We help our customers build talent strategies that maximize workforce potential while empowering people to navigate change and future-proof their careers. We believe people can do anything, and it’s our honor to help organizations and their people be their best at work and in the world.

That’s why we are thrilled to have been awarded three “Top-Rated” Awards from TrustRadius.

  • Corporate Learning Management
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Talent Management

According to TrustRadius, “These products won a Top Rated award for having excellent customer satisfaction ratings. The list is based purely on reviews; there is no paid placement, and analyst opinions do not influence the rankings. To qualify, a product must have 10 or more recent reviews and a trScore of 7.5 or higher, indicating above-average satisfaction for business technology. The products with the highest trScores appear first on the list.”

A few of our customers have been generous enough to share their stories of success with Cornerstone. Read through their experiences to better understand how these organizations are thriving and why Trust Radius awarded Cornerstone “Top-Rated.”

How Organic Valley made learning part of its company culture

Mark Schroeder, the HR/L&OD technology strategist at Organic Valley, made it his mission to revamp the company’s employee learning and development processes. He wanted to develop a program that was sustainable, scalable and engaging, so he partnered with Cornerstone to build a learning portal for employees, where workers could access videos, playlists, online courses and other resources to better equip them for their jobs.

In just one year, the team saw results. "We have increased applications by 42% just by updating the user experience with a redesigned portal," Schroeder said. Employees sign up for three courses on average each month, and the completion rate is at 100%.

Transforming a company’s culture takes time and strategy, but it’s doable. Follow Schroeder’s three steps for integrating learning into your company.

Clif Bar doubles down on its commitment to self-directed learning

Clif Bar has always believed in being a "different kind of company." The sentiment runs deep in the words of Kit Crawford, one of the company’s co-founders:

Clif Bar is “the kind of place we’d want to work, that makes the kind of food we’d like to eat, and that strives for a healthier, more sustainable world — the kind of world we’d like to pass on to our children.”

This same ethos has fueled the company’s approach to self-directed learning, one that aims to equip employees with the right tools to take charge of their own development and growth.

“We encourage employees to be empowered and self-directed in their learning endeavors. We want them to own their development.” — Jennifer Freitas, Director of Learning at Clif Bar

The County of San Mateo accelerates employee growth in both traditional and virtual work environments

Realizing the need to revamp training due to a changing workforce with different expectations, the L&D team of the County of San Mateo started evaluating and then piloting Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA) with its power users in Fall 2019. Pleased with employee feedback, the team went live with a CCA Professional Skills subscription with availability to all County employees in late February 2020.

One month later, COVID-19 drastically changed the workflow and work environment for the thousands of County employees now required to work from home. CCA courses became a part of the solution to get employees adapted and trained with new tools and methodologies to effectively continue to perform their jobs and provide critical services to County residents.

According to Gabe Aponte, the County's learning and development program manager, "We’re so glad the timing [of our CCA launch] worked out because a lot of employees had to upskill at the start of shelter in place…we were getting a lot of questions, and we would send employees deep links to recommended courses, and they were taking them."

Our client’s success leads the way

We help organizations around the world transform the learning experience for their people.

Give your people the skills they want and your business needs by investing in development that helps your workforce grow and adapt to shifting business priorities while supporting career mobility. Cornerstone has the specialized focus, technology, content and expertise to make it happen.​

Thank you to Trust Radius and our super-star customers for recognizing Cornerstone.

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