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Decoding talent's blueprint: Key takeaways and stories from the THI roundtable

Perry Timms

Founder and Chief Energy Officer at People & Transformational HR Ltd

Amidst the bustling energy of London's St Pancras Station, where throngs of commuters rush through, an extraordinary event unfolded on November 30th. Cornerstone, together with Perry Timms, Founder and Chief Energy Officer at People & Transformational HR Ltd, and Dominic Holmes, Principal, Strategy and Value at Cornerstone, organised a captivating roundtable that transcended the station's hectic ambiance to delve deep into the essential flow of talent within businesses.

A diverse gathering of talent experts from various organisations engaged in discussions centered around the recently unveiled report: The Talent Health Index (THI). This wasn't just about observing talent dynamics; it was a collective dive into strategies to strengthen organisational performance by nurturing and leveraging talent effectively.

THI: A compass for talent navigation

The Talent Health Index Report, created by the Cornerstone People Research Lab, stems from extensive global research and data analysis. Its findings reveal a concerning trend: most organisations lag behind in their talent health initiatives. Drawing insights from the experiences of over 700 business leaders and 1,400 employees, this report serves as a navigational tool, providing a roadmap to navigate the complex terrain of global talent development. It's a guide crafted from real-life experiences of individuals like you, right from the grassroots.

At its core, the THI acts as a compass, outlining four crucial levels of talent maturity: Foundational, Administrative, Sophisticated and Transformative. Each level offers a meticulously structured framework, tailored to empower your quest towards fostering a dynamic and comprehensive talent strategy.

Talent triumphs across industries

The enlightening discussions from the roundtable showcased diverse advancements across all these four levels.

  • Consider a prominent hospitality giant making significant strides in fortifying its Foundational and Administrative tiers. They've reaped rich rewards in talent acquisition, development, and aligning with both organisational challenges and individual aspirations. Their journey signifies a burgeoning shift toward the Sophisticated level of talent health.
  • Then there's a standout example of a data-driven organisation utilising Cornerstone's suite to gather, analyse, and blueprint talent data. This strategic implementation not only tackles business imperatives but also crafts a robust strengths and capabilities index, showcasing the transformative power of this approach.
  • The narrative broadened to encompass a financial powerhouse actively fostering equity and inclusion. Their intricate mapping of talent health seamlessly aligns with their vision for progressive change and enhancement.
  • Simultaneously, a philanthropic force highlighted the fusion of emotional connections with work aspirations, strategically aligning them for peak performance and delivery.

Sparks of unconventional thinking

The Cornerstone THI roundtable was like a hub where thought-provoking discussions seamlessly blended with practical strategies, setting the stage for a game-changing shift in nurturing and leveraging talent. It's the secret sauce for organisational success, acting as the linchpin that drives everything forward.

What truly defined this roundtable was the realisation that intimate settings sparked an exchange of challenges, ideas and experiences, igniting unconventional thinking and action toward talent development and capability augmentation. The THI isn't just a guide but a structured framework for adaptive and evolutionary changes, unveiling the roadmap to maximise talent potential.

May 2024 roundtable

We can't wait for the upcoming May 2024 roundtable! The inaugural event was a success and left a positive mark, showcasing how passionate individuals across different fields can truly make a difference. Their teamwork lights up the positive vibes in our professional world, shaping how talent is viewed and valued worldwide!

As you embark on this journey, you're not just adapting to the future, you're actively shaping it. Whether you're an HR admin professional, a technology leader, a talent acquisition expert, or a business leader, you hold the key to unleashing your organisation's full potential. The Talent Health Index stands as your reliable companion, offering insights, strategies and a guiding compass to navigate the intricate terrain of reshaping your talent strategy.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this transformative journey in unlocking the full potential of talent! Take the free online assessment with the Talent Health Index and receive an in-depth evaluation of your talent program's maturity level. See how your talent strategy stacks up

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