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Drop the Deadwood: How to Build (and Keep) an A-Level Team

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Why do employers hold onto under-performing employees? It's a question that leads to some surprising responses:

  • "Everyone is average."

  • "The great ones will leave after a year; average employees stay."

  • "We feel bad for them."

These is a sampling of what Jay Forte, a human resources expert and president of TGZ Group, heard when he directed the question at clients and attendees of the recent Society for Human Resources Management conference. In a new post on The Human Capitalist blog, Forte challenges that lackadaisical attitude and suggests these best practices for building an A-level team:

  1. "Have an intense and clear hiring process that assesses talents, behaviors, required skills and expected experience."

  1. "Clearly define the performance expectations of all jobs. This ensures that employees know, on their first day, what is expected."

  1. "Provide real-time performance feedback. Managers are required to meet with employees weekly about performance. These performance discussions review current performance, solicit improvement ideas and work with employees on areas of personal interest and growth."

  1. "Routinely talk to employees about career direction and assess for fit in all promotions. Employees are not moved into new roles that don’t align to their talents, abilities or interests."

  1. "Sculpt jobs and responsibilities around employees’ greatest abilities. Most A-level employees are interested in using more of their abilities."

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