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Empowering the Customer Company with Cornerstone for Salesforce

Steve Jacobson

Managing Director, Scorm Anywhere

With another Dreamforce upon us, I’m amazed when I step back and think about the journey we’ve been on with Cornerstone for Salesforce. Wow, what a rocking time this is to be a part of our growing team and customer base. With over 2.5 million users and customers in 12 countries, we are rapidly becoming a change agent for how people learn! This time of year reminds me of the fantastic work our nearly 100 clients are doing, and the unique uses for Cornerstone for Salesforce they’re dreaming up when it comes to educating their employee teams, clients and partners. We’ll be sharing a few of these client stories this week at Dreamforce, and for those of you who won’t be with us on the Expo floor, I wanted you to have a sneak peek.

Cornerstone for Salesforce delivers relevant and in-context education directly on the Salesforce platform and made available via mobile devices, Communities and the Sales and Service and Marketing Clouds! Built 100 percent native to, Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages the power of Chatter to provide opportunities for real-time collaboration around learning and recognition, via, and feedback for colleagues and partners. With the power of Cornerstone and Salesforce together, our clients ensure continuous development at the point of need, accessible where employees, clients and partners are already doing their jobs to impact the top and bottom line.

One of the things we hear from clients over and over is that they love how Cornerstone for Salesforce allows them to get creative in solving real business problems and finding new ways to provide value to their organizations through education. And they’re seeing real results – in fact, 3 of the top 8 organizations ranked as a best company to sell for are Cornerstone for Salesforce clients. And we’ve got some Dreamforce sponsors using Cornerstone for Salesforce, too: Appirio, Apptus, DocuSign, Marketo, even Salesforce itself—which ramped up 1 million users on its Cornerstone for Salesforce portal this year!

Here are just a couple of the unique ways our clients are using education and Cornerstone for Salesforce to deliver value to employees, clients and partners:

· DocuSign – You’ve all probably used DocuSign at one point or another. DocuSign helps businesses send, sign and store agreements digitally. The company is experiencing rapid growth in its customer and employee base, and came to us looking for a way to educate both groups on DocuSign product offerings. With the help of Cornerstone for Salesforce, DocuSign has been able to cut down the average time it takes for new sales team members to close their first deal from 6.5 months to 4 months—and they’ve also increased the average size of each deal by roughly 20 percent. DocuSign also is using Cornerstone for Salesforce to help customers share information with one another and learn how other DocuSign customers are making the most of their DocuSign investment. For more information about DocuSign’s story, check out this video, or this case study.

· FICO – FICO provides predictive analytics and decision management services, such credit scoring, to help businesses make better decisions. With a rapidly evolving suite of products, FICO is using Cornerstone for Salesforce to help their employees quickly learn about new product features and at the point of need, and address knowledge gaps as they’re encountered during projects and deals. It is an awesome feeling to know that through the use of Cornerstone for Salesforce, FICO has "gone from being a training company to a learning company!" FICO is now pioneering a new Salesforce Community that will extend Cornerstone for Salesforce to clients and business partners. With this new Community, FICO will be able to examine the relationship between the number of client support cases logged and a client’s consumption of learning content. As a result, FICO will be able to assign pointed education, decrease reliance on customer support and increase client satisfaction. To learn the full story on how FICO is using Cornerstone for Salesforce, check out this case study.

These are just two of the many client stories we’re really excited to share at Dreamforce. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by and see us at booth #N1325 on the Expo floor. Also check out the panel I’ll be on: "Ready to Partner with (ISVforce or OEM)?" happening today at 1 p.m. at 3016 Moscone Center West. And of course, it wouldn’t be a conference without a party – we’re excited to be sponsoring the Appirio party on Wednesday night at the Contemporary Jewish Museum—come by and see us!

If you’d like to learn more about Cornerstone for Salesforce, visit To visit us on the AppExchange, click here.

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