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At Encore, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences is more than a job – it’s an art. In the event production world, they excel in elevating environments into captivating, immersive experiences through their intricate work with lights, sound and projections. Their secret? Understanding and connecting with audiences makes each event an emotionally engaging journey. Encore’s ability to understand and connect with diverse audiences elevates them above others in the industry.

Their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement aligns seamlessly with Cornerstone’s philosophy of empowering workforces through innovative learning solutions. This synergy leads to a partnership focused on enhancing Encore's already robust capabilities.

As the largest provider in the hospitality industry’s audiovisual production, Encore's mastery lies in creating immersive experiences through lights, sound and projection. Their journey with Cornerstone marks a pivotal shift in enhancing their global learning and technological capabilities.

  • Main Challenge: Adapting to industry changes, especially during the pandemic, led to an 80% workforce reduction.

  • Solution: Implementing Cornerstone’s Learning Management System (LMS) to develop and retain talent.

  • Results: Approximately 80% success rate in transitioning employees to new roles and enhancing workforce skillsets.

The visionary behind Encore’s learning revolution

Chad Otto, the director of global learning, technologies and content development, orchestrates this masterpiece. Otto steers Encore’s learning and technology strategies, ensuring that every event leaves a lasting impact. He empowers the team with innovative tools and systems, including leveraging AI through Cornerstone for efficient content management and streamlined processes.

A deep-seated commitment to excellence and innovation marks Otto’s approach to his position at Encore. “We knew that we needed to develop the skills of our employees,” Otto said. “We wanted to make sure everyone saw a future once they skilled up in their current roles.” This commitment is evident in his strategic decision-making, particularly in the adoption of Cornerstone’s Learning Management System (LMS), reflecting his foresight in enhancing workforce capabilities.

Focusing on continuous learning and development, Otto recognizes the importance of staying ahead in a constantly evolving field with new technologies and trends. His leadership in driving Encore’s training initiatives is not just about equipping the team with current skills but also preparing them for future challenges and opportunities. Otto’s influence at Encore has been significant in maintaining the company's status as a leader in the event production sector.

Building resilience through innovation

Faced with the challenge of the pandemic, Encore recognized the need to build a robust talent development path. They embarked on a two-year journey to upskill their employees, ensuring they see a future at the company. At that moment, the significance of a centralized Learning Management System (LMS) had never been greater.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant 80% reduction in their active workforce. “So, we had to make some drastic decisions,” Otto stated. In response, Encore identified the pressing need to upskill the remaining team members to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of event production. This gap meant that Encore had to start from the ground up in developing a comprehensive training program that HR leaders could quickly deploy and access across various regions and locations.

The nature of the event production industry, being highly dynamic and technologically driven, made it pivotal to have access to a training program that was not only extensive in covering the necessary technical skills but also flexible enough to evolve with emerging trends and technologies. This need was amplified by the diverse range of roles within Encore, from technicians and creatives to administrative and support staff, each requiring specialized skill sets.

As a result, Encore’s main challenge was to develop and implement a robust training infrastructure to reskill their workforce rapidly and effectively. Secondly, to ensure that this training was adaptable and comprehensive, covering the diverse needs of their global team. This challenge set the stage for Encore’s collaboration with Cornerstone, seeking a solution that efficiently meets these complex requirements.

A strategic ally in talent development

Encore’s partnership with Cornerstone opened new doors in talent management and development. The integration of AI and the ability to manage multilingual content efficiently has significantly enhanced their operational capabilities, reflecting a deep commitment to both their employees and the quality of their events.

Otto noted the user-friendly nature of Cornerstone’s LMS, which was critical in ensuring quick adoption and effective utilization across the organization. “Cornerstone makes the system more integrated so that our team members don’t ever feel like they've left Encore University,” he remarked. Its customizable nature allowed Encore to tailor the learning experience to meet the unique demands of different roles within the company, from technical staff to administrative personnel.

Cornerstone’s advanced technologies, including AI, enabled Encore to manage and deliver training efficiently. Otto appreciated this aspect. “We produce content in German, French, French-Canadian and Latin American Spanish. We use a lot of AI to assist in that and speed that process up.” This partnership is crucial in maintaining Encore’s position as a leader in the event production industry, ensuring that their team remains at the forefront of industry advancements and trends.

The symphony of success with Cornerstone

The implementation of Cornerstone’s LMS at Encore has been transformative. From efficiently moving employees through training plans to adopting new tools seamlessly, Encore has redefined its approach to learning and development, ensuring a high success rate in role transitions and skill enhancements.

The first step in the process was a comprehensive assessment of Encore’s specific training requirements. This examination involved understanding the diverse skill sets needed across different departments and levels within the company.

Otto worked closely with Cornerstone to customize the LMS to fit these varied needs. “We’ve got the ability now to kind of stay within that Cornerstone family and use all the tools that might be at our disposal now,” he explains. This process enables Encore to reskill its workforce effectively and lays the groundwork for a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, crucial in the ever-evolving field of event production.

Embracing the global stage

Encore’s adoption of Cornerstone reflects its global vision. With content available in multiple languages and streamlined by AI, Encore ensures its global workforce is uniformly skilled and aligned with the company’s standards. This approach strengthens Encore's presence across continents and showcases its commitment to diversity and inclusion in learning and “Within our LMS, we have the ability now to take content that we’ve created and wrap it together in all those languages as one asset,” Otto proudly states, highlighting Encore’s expansive reach and innovative spirit.

One of the most notable outcomes has been the marked enhancement in the skill set of Encore’s workforce. The LMS facilitated targeted skill development, empowering employees with the latest event production technology and practices. Otto reflects on this achievement: “We’ve been running at close to 80% success rate on moving those technicians, essentially into new roles.” This success story highlights the power of strategic partnership and investment in workforce development in driving organizational growth and resilience.

A future in the limelight

Encore’s story is one of resilience and forward-thinking. From the initial challenges of workforce reduction and the overwhelming need for a comprehensive LMS to the triumphant enhancement of skills and adaptability, Encore’s story isn't just about overcoming a significant industry challenge — it’s about innovating and thriving in the face of adversity.

As Encore continues to create mesmerizing event experiences, its partnership with Cornerstone ensures it remains at the forefront of the industry, always ready for the next spotlight moment.

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