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How Spirit Airlines is charting a new course in learning

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Spirit Airlines, where each flight is more than just a trip to a new destination — it's a voyage towards innovation. Spirit's unique ultra-low-cost carrier model has redefined air travel, transforming the skies into accessible pathways for adventure, connecting people to sun-soaked beaches, bustling cityscapes and beyond.

At the core of Spirit Airlines is an unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency. These values are not limited to passenger services. Still, they are deeply ingrained in every aspect of the organization, particularly in how Spirit approaches the development and training of its Team Members. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, Spirit ensures that its team is always at the forefront of industry advancements, ready to elevate the travel experience for its guests.

Recognizing the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the aviation industry, Spirit invests in comprehensive training solutions that empower its Team Members to thrive and adapt. Through this commitment to development, Spirit Airlines not only charts a new course in air travel but also builds a knowledgeable, skilled workforce poised to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Main Challenge: Spirit Airlines sought ways to enhance its regulatory and compliance training across various functional groups, including Flight Attendants and Pilots, who required flexible, mobile training solutions to fit their on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Solution: Adopting Cornerstone's LMS provided a robust, intuitive platform that supported Spirit's diverse training needs, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies like the FAA and TSA.

  • Results: Implementing Cornerstone's LMS expanded support across the organization, increasing system usage and enabling seamless virtual training during critical times like the pandemic.

The compass guiding Spirit's learning journey

At the helm of Spirit's Team Member educational voyage is Trudy-Ann Armand, the airline’s Senior Manager of Learning Solutions, whose expertise and visionary leadership ensure that Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS) not only meets but exceeds the dynamic needs of this renowned airline. Armand's role is pivotal as she navigates the complexities of integrating technology with bespoke content, making learning accessible and effective for all Team Members.

"My role at Spirit involves quite a bit, so we support the entire organization," Armand explains, highlighting the breadth of her responsibilities and critical position within the organization to maintain the LMS's seamless operation.
Armand's dedication to Spirit Airlines is fueled by her passion for the airline's fast-paced and ever-evolving environment, which perfectly aligns with her commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in learning solutions.

This contagious enthusiasm is reflected in how learning and development are approached at Spirit, ensuring that every Team Member has the opportunity to grow and excel.

Armand's previous positive experience with Cornerstone's LMS at another organization solidified her confidence in its effectiveness, sharing that Cornerstone LMS would be an ideal fit for Spirit's ambitious learning objectives.

The dual focus of Armand's role ensures both the technical functionality of the LMS and the quality of content and underscores Spirit's holistic approach to Team Member development. This strategy is not just about meeting immediate training needs but about fostering a culture of lifelong learning and adaptability.

Armand's work is a testament to Spirit's commitment to empowering its workforce, preparing them to navigate the complexities of the airline industry with knowledge and confidence. With Armand's lead, Spirit Airlines ensures its employees are ready for today's challenges and equipped for tomorrow's opportunities.

Navigating operational headwinds

Spirit sought more than just a solution — they wanted total transformation. Spirit Airlines must meet strict regulatory requirements and adhere to collective bargaining agreements while ensuring effective training for a highly mobile workforce. The nature of airline operations means many Team Members frequently move and may complete training while away from home.

Thus, an LMS that could deliver offline and mobile content was critical. Armand emphasized the unique regulations within their training environment, stating, “We have multiple unions that we have to make sure we are abiding by their collective bargaining agreements, in addition to making sure that we are meeting the requirements of the FAA and TSA.” This highlights the intricate balance between regulatory compliance and the practical needs of their workforce.

Addressing these challenges, Armand points out the distinct advantage of Cornerstone's LMS, noting its capability to deliver training content on mobile and offline — a feature not commonly found in other systems.

“It was something that Cornerstone was able to deliver on, and it's not something that's common across LMSs,” Armand remarked.

This functionality was pivotal for Spirit, ensuring that Pilots and Flight attendants could access training materials anytime and anywhere, keeping them informed, compliant and ready for the unique demands of their roles.

A clear choice for Spirit Airlines

Choosing Cornerstone’s LMS was more than just a decision — it was a declaration of Spirit's commitment to excellence and innovation. With her wealth of experience and insight, Armand recognized Cornerstone’s LMS as not just a platform for training but one for transformation.

Her confidence in Cornerstone is rooted in their proven track record and alignment with the unique needs of Spirit's bustling, dynamic environment. “I was excited to start using Cornerstone as a solution because I knew it was the best-in-class LMS on the market,” Armand shared, underscoring her trust in the platform's capabilities based on her firsthand experiences.

Cornerstone stood out for its intuitive design, robust reporting features and straightforward administration, making it a seamless fit for Spirit Airlines’ operational framework. The system’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities promise to simplify the complex task of managing training and compliance across the workforce. This ease of use and flexibility were crucial for an airline that prides itself on efficiency and innovation.

Armand's familiarity with Cornerstone's exemplary reputation and comprehensive functionality was the assurance she needed to navigate Spirit's diverse and complex training landscape confidently. “I knew what I was getting, and I knew that it’s a stable, reliable, top-class LMS,” Armand remarked, highlighting the importance of reliability and excellence in Spirit's choice of an LMS. This confidence in Cornerstone ensured that Spirit Airlines could meet its training objectives and foster a culture of continuous learning and compliance amidst the fast-paced nature of the aviation industry.

Soaring to new heights with Cornerstone

What began as a mission to enhance training for a few Team Members evolved into a movement sweeping the entire organization. The collaboration between Spirit Airlines and Cornerstone marked a transformative phase for the airline, broadening the horizon of Team Member training and support.

Initially focused on two specific areas, the implementation of Cornerstone's LMS enabled a dramatic expansion, extending its reach across the entire organization. This comprehensive adoption was pivotal for Spirit, ensuring adherence to the stringent compliance and educational mandates inherent in the aviation industry.

Armand watched as the seeds of this partnership blossomed, turning challenges into opportunities and virtual training into a vibrant bridge. “Partnering with Cornerstone has allowed me to expand the support that we offer,” Armand observed. The transition to Cornerstone wasn’t just about expanding the scope of training either — it was about enhancing the quality and accessibility of education for Spirit's Team Members.

Cornerstone’s robust features and intuitive design facilitated a smooth shift to virtual training across the airline. This seamless transition to virtual training underscored the resilience and adaptability of Spirit's training ecosystem, underpinned by Cornerstone's technology. The ability to continue training without interruption during such a critical time demonstrates Cornerstone's reliability and reinforces Spirit Airlines’ commitment to Team Member development and operational excellence.

“So, it was somewhat seamless. We also saw at that point a huge increase in the reliance on the LMS because of the need to deliver training virtually,” Armand stated, capturing the essence of how Cornerstone was instrumental in finding vital solutions.

A crew empowered by knowledge

Cornerstone’s LMS proved to be indispensable during the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, facilitating uninterrupted training and development opportunities through its virtual training capabilities. This ability to continue training virtually was not just about maintaining compliance but ensuring that every Spirit Team Member could continue their professional development despite unprecedented global challenges.

“The success that we've seen since using Cornerstone has been the fact that we have increased usage across the board,” Armand reflected, capturing the essence of this transformative journey. This broad engagement shines a light on the LMS's capability to cater to the diverse educational needs of Spirit’s Team Members, from Pilots and Flight Attendants to the ground staff, ensuring everyone has the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

From the flight deck to the tarmac, Team Members found a world of opportunity at their fingertips with Cornerstone LMS, ensuring that no matter the external pressures, Spirit's internal drive for growth and development never wavered. The results of implementing Cornerstone at Spirit Airlines extend beyond mere compliance and operational efficiency — they signify a culture of continuous learning and empowerment.

The platform’s success in fostering an environment where knowledge is readily accessible and training is seamlessly integrated into daily operations underscores its value as more than just a tool — it’s a catalyst for growth and development. “It's not just for compliance. We also use it for Team Member development,” Armand pointed out, highlighting the dual benefit of the LMS in reinforcing Spirit Airlines’ commitment to meeting regulatory standards and nurturing the growth of its Team Members.

This dual focus ensures that Spirit Airlines not only remains at the forefront of industry compliance but also champions its crew's professional and personal development.

Integrating Cornerstone's LMS into Spirit Airlines’ operational fabric marked a significant leap forward in empowering their crew with knowledge and skills to soar. The adoption of this innovative platform led to a notable surge in system usage and participation in training programs across the entire spectrum of the company’s workforce.

Elevating expectations together

Spirit Airlines’ narrative is one of transformation and visionary leadership. From the foundational challenges of navigating stringent regulatory landscapes and the pressing demand for an adaptable LMS to the height of achieving unparalleled training engagement and compliance, Spirit’s journey transcends mere adaptation — it embodies innovation and excellence in the aviation sector.

As Spirit Airlines charts its course through the competitive skies of the market, its alliance with Cornerstone's LMS guarantees a position at the industry's vanguard, perpetually primed for the next breakthrough. The partnership between Spirit Airlines and Cornerstone elevates Spirit's operational capabilities. It reinforces its unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where every Team Member can soar to their full potential.

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