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Engaging your external partner network

Extend your learning program to your wider ecosystem

Where do you start when it comes to setting up training and support for your organisation’s extended ecosystem? You know you want to ensure consistency and quality across your network, but what does that program look like in reality? Join Cornerstone and our customers for an exploratory conversation on implementing successful Extended Enterprise learning programs.

During this session you will hear from customers such as UK-based healthcare manufacturer ResMed about how and why they chose to roll out a learning program for their extended corporate ecosystem. Listen in as Extended Enterprise expert Carmelo Mallamace offers his take on extended enterprise learning, and leave us with some new ideas and tips on how and why to extend your learning program to your wider stakeholders.

  • What an extended enterprise learning program is and how it could work for your organisation.
  • How companies from different industries and sectors use technologies and processes to consistently train and inform their customers, patients, franchisees and suppliers
  • What unique challenges and complexities organisations face when implementing an extended enterprise training program
  • Top tips for getting started on your own journey

This webinar will suit organisations and people who are looking at ways to:

  • Extend their learning to suppliers, partners, customers, members or franchisees
  • Explore a potential new revenue stream
  • Ensure training consistency, compliance and control across their entire ecosystem


Carmelo Mallamace – Product Manager – Extended Enterprise - Cornerstone

John Fallon – Account Manager - Cornerstone

Odile Asselin - Project Manager Digital Learning - ResMed

Douglas Bell - European Tyre Enterprise Ltd.

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