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Give Your Hiring & Recruiting Machine a Maintenance Check Before It Breaks Down

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Cars that don't get maintained regularly eventually break down. The same goes for company hiring and recruiting, warns workplace expert Jay Forte on the Human Capitalist. Just like any oil change or tire pressure check, a scheduled maintenance ensures that the recruiting process is working "efficiently and effectively."

The checkup doesn't have to be exhaustive — or put take the hiring machines out of commission. But it is important to take a step back periodically and assess the following:

  • How you communicate your workplace culture: "The best people want the best workplaces — employee-focused workplaces," says Forte. Examine company communications to make sure they are in line with the company mission, standards and ethics.

  • How you recruit: Do the job positions advertised sufficiently define the behavior, skills and experience necessary — or is there more that can be done? "We now know that skills and experience alone are not enough of an indicator of potential performance success; however, coupled with defined behavior qualifications, the recruiting process improves."

  • How you interview and hire: Have recent hired been working out? If not, says Forte, assess whether interviewing teams are asking great questions — and are able to discern between good and bad responses.

  • How you onboard: Do new employees feel welcome, and do they learn what they need to know quickly and efficiently? "If the organization doesn’t make a personalized effort in on-boarding, the new employee starts to rethink if taking the job was the right decision and may quickly begin to job hunt."

Recruiting is too important to let fall to the wayside. This year, what areas do you feel are the most important to focus on for maintenance? What new strategies can companies benefit from?

h/t Human Capitalist

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