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Go West Young Man: Top 5 Cities Millennials Want to Live (And Work) In

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As Millennials continue to join the workforce in droves, companies have learned that these 20-somethings are a complicated bunch. Not much is black and white for them: sometimes they opt for flexibility over higher pay, they like change and movement and they want to live in an urban environment rather than stake a claim in the 'burbs with a white picket fence. As we continue to understand what makes a Millennial tick, there are some cities that have a handle on how to attract them — and get them to work.

Here are five urban areas that claim the top market for Millennials, according to a recent report from Nielson:

1. Austin, TX — Percent of U.S. Millennials: 16

  • Metro Population: 1,889,700

  • Median Household Income: $58,932

  • Median Home Price: $221,600

  • Unemployment: 4.3%

  • Job Growth (2013): 4.6%

  • Cost of Living: 10.1% above national average

2. Salt Lake City, UT — Percent of U.S. Millennials: 15

  • Metro Population: 1,181,300

  • Median Household Income: $61,451

  • Median Home Price: $237,600

  • Unemployment: 3.6%

  • Job Growth (2013): 3.0%

  • Cost of Living: 3.2% above national average

3. San Diego, CA — Percent of U.S. Millennials: 15

  • Metro Population: 3,222,600

  • Median Household Income: $63,925

  • Median Home Price: $460,600

  • Unemployment: 6.5%

  • Job Growth (2013): 2.6%

  • Cost of Living: 22.8% above national average

4. Los Angeles, CA — Percent of U.S. Millennials: 14

  • Metro Population: 10,058,600

  • Median Household Income: $55,145

  • Median Home Price: $397,300

  • Unemployment: 8.2%

  • Job Growth (2013): 2.7%

  • Cost of Living: 18.7% above national average

5. Denver, CO — Percent of U.S. Millennials: 14

  • Metro Population: 2,687,300

  • Median Household Income: $62,222

  • Median Home Price: $278,400

  • Unemployment: 5.7%

  • Job Growth (2013): 3.6%

  • Cost of Living: 6.5% above national average

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