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Hallmark: Making performance management an everyday occasion

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Why Cornerstone

After a global request for proposals (RFP) process, Hallmark selected Cornerstone for their talent management needs. One of the most important factors in their choice was the availability of the software as a service (SaaS). "We have experience with an on-premises system; it works, but we really like the flexibility to configure and the ongoing ease of upgrades that software as a service has to offer," said Cassie Atteberry, HR Director, talent management at Hallmark.

Cornerstone's reputation for stellar customer service was also significant. "Cornerstone sets the bar in terms of service and relationship that far exceeds any of our other vendors," said Atteberry. "There aren't very many things that you can buy, and as soon as you walk out of the store, they appreciate instead of depreciate. With Cornerstone, what you get three years from now is better than what you purchased originally."

For Hallmark employees, learning how to use Cornerstone Learning, Cornerstone Performance, and Cornerstone Succession was unexpectedly simple. "We're a paper company, and we don't embrace technology quickly. It didn't take long for people to learn the software. That's a win," said Atteberry.

The Results

Streamlined compliance

Hallmark relies on Cornerstone Learning to distribute compliance training, code of business ethics, and annual policy reviews. “We have to push compliance documents out to our employees and subsidiaries in multiple states. With Cornerstone, we can deliver the California or Connecticut documents to the right people,” said Atteberry. “Cornerstone also makes it simple to track and record signatures. For our annual policy review, it takes employees literally five minutes to review the slides and sign electronically.

Made performance "an everyday occasion"

Previously, Hallmark’s review process was time-consuming and expensive (an estimated 55,000 hours and $2.4 million), and there was no indication that reviews contributed to improving performance. “Documentation was taking the place of conversation. Reviews were way too long, and feedback was often infrequent,” said Atteberry.

Hallmark now relies on Cornerstone Performance to make performance management an everyday occasion. Cornerstone Learning also plays a key role in helping managers think differently about elevating performance. “With Cornerstone, we can emphasize that evaluating performance is more than a once-a-year event. At Hallmark, we say there are moments worth celebrating every day. Talent and performance should also be everyday events."

Identified retention risks

Cornerstone Succession's nine-box grid gives Hallmark the bird's eye view of talent. "With Cornerstone, I can compare an employee's performance, potential, their pay, and other factors to help me proactively address retention risk," said Atteberry.

Addressed anticipated skills gaps

Hallmark can now plan for both the Baby Boomer exodus and the increase in millennial and Gen Z employees. "I use data from Cornerstone to do workforce analytics and planning," said Atteberry. "This helps me determine the most critical competencies for our business going forward. This is key in planning for skill and talent gaps and ensuring [millennial and Gen Z] readiness."

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Cornerstone Performance

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