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ICYMI: 3 Ways HR Can Lead in Digital Transformation

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The Role of HR in the Digital Transformation

Digitally transforming a business requires full buy-in from the entire leadership team, including HR. Here's what you can do to drive digital changes.

Top Takeaways from HR Tech 2017

From artificial intelligence to diversity, no topic was off limits at this year's HR Technology Conference. Find out what's top of mind for HR executives.

Tips for Smart Engagement in the Workplace

Workforce engagement boosts company loyalty, reduces absentee days and increases an organization's profit. Learn how to boost engagement through continuous feedback.

Crisis Management for the Digital Era

No organization wants to think about potential crises, but in the Age of the Internet, news spreads like wildfire and companies can't afford to be unprepared. HR leaders, this is how you can help.

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The impact of digital transformation on HR


The impact of digital transformation on HR

HR and IT need to work together to not only overcome their individual challenges, but also drive overall enterprise results. Effective IT and HR collaboration is critical when selecting and deploying a TMS. This paper will explore strategies and tactics to ensure the organization is better positioned to deliver on a talent strategy through a modern, integrated Talent Management System (TMS) that can support and enable candidates, employees, managers, and the business as a whole.

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