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ICYMI: Can HR Really Measure Company Culture

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Can HR Really Measure Company Culture?

A company's culture can have a significant impact on everything—from hiring the best talent to decreasing employee turnover—but culture is also a concept that can prove hard to measure or control. Fortunately, new HR services and technologies are emerging to offer ways to do just that.

How Big Data is Closing the Information Gap on Salary

Traditionally, employers have been on one end of the job search, with endless information about their prospects, and hopeful job seekers have been on the other, with limited knowledge of the companies, cultures and careers they're pursuing. But today, that norm is shifting.

You Have a Bad Review on Glassdoor. Now What?

Today sites like Glassdoor and Ferrygodboss allow candidates to read all about what current and former employees think about a company in just a few clicks. How should you react if an employee writes a bad review about your company?

Can You Get Away Without an HR Department?

Human resources professionals manage your company's most important asset: your people. But investing in one HR employee—let alone an entire department—can seem out of reach for many small businesses. The consequence?

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