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Introducing Our Winter 2013 Release: Make Recruiting Modern & Relevant

Jason Corsello

SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, Cornerstone

A survey from CareerBuilder* published in late 2012 identifies the true costs and pains associated with making a ’bad hire’. One thorn that seems to stick out the most is that one of the top losses to an organization with a ’bad hire’ is the time to recruit and train another worker, approximately 39%. With such an investment in sourcing, hiring and onboarding—talent acquisition is now one of the most important decisions your company makes. Understanding the challenge early on, Cornerstone built the Recruiting Cloud to deliver talent acquisition the way it should be-completely integrated in the bigger talent picture. With some key enhancements in the Winter 2013 product release, the Recruiting Cloud becomes one of the most compelling offerings in the marketplace.

Since launching the Recruiting Cloud last year, we have been investing heavily to make it the best, most modern recruiting solution in the market. In addition to delivering the essentials of applicant tracking requisition creation and approvals, job posting and analytics, we have integrated new capabilities including employee referrals, configurable and branded job sites, candidate matching, social sourcing, and collaboration tools for hiring managers and recruiters to use during the hiring process . With our Winter 2013 release, our Recruiting Cloud has now reached parity with some of the leading legacy applicant tracking solutions. New enhancements include:

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting – Meeting the needs of OFCCP standards, our solution can track and manage nondiscrimination hiring practices and ensure equal employment opportunity.

Agency Portal – Extend talent sourcing and share talent searches with external recruiters to significantly improve the ability to collaborate and find a strong pool of candidates.

Offer Letter Management – Reduce the talent acquisition team’s administrative time by making the process of creating, extending, approving, comparing, and tracking job offers fast and easy.

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*Reference: CareerBuilder Blog; ’What Bad Hires Really Cost Companies (Hint: It’s More Than Just Morale)’, Author: Mary Lorenz, December 12th 2012.

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Pioneering the future of work with spatial learning

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