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Jason Averbook On Why the Workplace of Tomorrow Puts People First

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New technologies and younger talent demand that companies change how they manage and engage employees to focus less on the processes and more on people. As work and personal life blend, companies are putting employees first by creating an environment where employees are excited to come to work and they feel stimulated to innovate.

Jason Averbook, chief business information officer at information technology consulting firm Appirio, argues that talent isn't just something companies should understand, but something they should prioritize. In his recently published book "HR From Now to Next," Averbook encourages companies to kick their employee engagement into high gear to prepare for the workplace of tomorrow. Here are three trends that will play a key role in the future workplace:

  1. Employees expect a consumer-like experience. As consumer technology advances at a faster rate than enterprise technology, employees expect the technology they use at work to be just as simple, real-time and on-demand as it is in their personal lives. Companies must treat employees better than they treat customers, and that starts with equipping them with apps and devices that are comparable or superior to consumer versions. 

  1. The workforce is only part of the workplace. Averbook agrees with Josh Bersin, principal at Bersin by Deloitte, when Bersin said, "The war for talent is over, and the talent has won. Essentially people are looking for a different experience at work." Employees are looking for a strong company culture with online and offline experiences.

  1. Talent management requires continuous improvement. Once a company implements a new HR technology or adds a new process, the team can't turn a blind eye once it's live. HR must analyze the data about how it's being used and collect feedback from employees. 

As the demand for top talent increases, employees are guiding the conversation around how companies should manage. By 2020, the workplace will be redefined, and Averbook is sheds some light on how companies can prepare.

Watch Averbook's interview with Bill Kutik, veteran technology columnist for Human Resource Executive, below.

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