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Leading the Way in Talent Management

Jason Corsello

SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, Cornerstone

Cornerstone OnDemand has been placed in the "Leaders Quadrant" of Gartner, Inc.’s just-published 2014 Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites. The report defines Leaders in the Magic Quadrant as those companies that demonstrate a market-defining vision of how talent management technology can help HR leaders achieve business objectives. That sounds like a good approach to us.

Read the report on us by visiting this page.

The Value of Independent, Trusted Research

Cornerstone participates happily in research studies like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant because we know that many people would prefer to hear our story from an independent source that is well-educated when it comes to this market and companies developing talent management solutions.

In the past, we told you about the influential market studies from IDC and Forrester, among others.

Now we are glad to focus on this shiny new Gartner study, which has placed Cornerstone in the Leaders quadrant for the second year in a row based on the company’s relative position to competitors in terms of "completeness of vision" and "ability to execute."

In addition to discussing the market at large, the research focuses on all the major talent management software systems. For Cornerstone, the report singles out:

  • Cornerstone as a leader in overall vendor satisfaction

  • Best-in-class learning and performance

  • Our natively developed suite with a high degree of configurability

  • Strong mobile support

  • Good use of social collaboration and game mechanics to engage employees

A Unified, Organic Leader

Cornerstone has been named as one of only three "Leaders" in this research – and the other two are lumbering global ERP software giants. This brings up some important questions for potential buyers of TM software. There’s a choice today between:

  • Systems built through acquisition versus those that are organically grown;

  • A muddled "stack" of different product lines versus systems that are unified across all areas of talent management – offering the same user experience, data model and support model throughout;

  • Systems of record versus those that are designed to be systems of engagement; and

  • Companies wrestling with integrations and anxiously trying to "simplify" things versus those that are focused on innovation and offering power without all that vexing complexity.

We’d argue that Cornerstone is the only best-of-breed, organically grown market leader in Talent Management Suites.

A SaaS Leader

We can also say confidently that Cornerstone is the only pure, multi-tenant SaaS leader in this analysis – and this reflects another important choice in the talent management systems market in 2014.

Are you comfortable with systems delivered as a patchwork of SaaS, hosted, public-cloud/private-cloud and on-premise software?

Does a "hybrid" approach harness the legitimate benefits of the pure SaaS delivery model when it comes to criteria like client service, rapid scalability, systems integration, innovative product development, and seamless upgrades? It’s good to remember that pure SaaS is a complete business model, not just a checkbox on an RFP.

The fact of the matter is, while there are a lot of vendors saying their 'cloud' solutions can coexist with their on-premise offerings, the truth is that a blended approach misses the point - and the power - of true SaaS solutions.

Read the Report

If you want to hear more about the market for talent management systems, please read a full copy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant report here.

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