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Learn Now or Regret it Later

Teddy Dimitrova

Tech Recruiter and People & Culture Advisor

Crazy right? I'm sure you would agree that, unfortunately, the pandemic did trump recruiting for many companies in 2020. Questions on many people’s minds were, what to do, how to deal with it? The answer? Resiliency! But how do you build resilience? The answer is simple - by learning. Continuous learning is the key to success. You have everything you need in you, and 2021 is the time to unlock it.

2020 has taught us a lot. The biggest lesson for me is that we cannot plan for the unknown, we can only prepare and be ready to adapt and adjust. The best way to respond to change is by learning how to deal with it, and the more consciously we are working on it, the more successful we will be. This is called resilience - the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

There are plenty of amazing articles out there, written by brilliant TAs on resilience. Without digging into the psychology of the topic. I’d like to focus on the “how to” part - as I’m sure that the “why” part has become quite clear in the past year. I've spoken with many TAs throughout the years, and the key thing that stayed with me was how little time we all spend on consciously learning and developing ourselves. Our daily life is overloaded by the amount of work we have to get done: interviews, managing pipelines, sourcing, coaching hiring managers, taking care of our candidates, juggling several other projects, managing teams, defining TA strategy, budgets - the list goes on! When do we get the time to learn something new, unless we're put into a situation which requires us to do so? Exactly. Instead of waiting to be put in a position where we need to learn, we should create an environment where we consciously learn every day and, by that, become more agile, resilient, and successful. Here are three things that you can do to foster continuous learning in your daily life:

  1. Make learning a priority and make it fit into your daily life

Well, you are actually already continuously learning, but you probably don't always realise it. Often, we are not really aware of the process that's happening and how we're dealing with it. In fact, usually, we're not even aware that we've learned something until we get back to the moment and reflect on it. Reading 'Principles' by Ray Dalio last year helped me realise a lot about the learning process and building resilience. One thing that was quite the eye opener for me was that the more often we're faced with a similar issue, the easier it gets to deal with it until it starts to be, "oh, that thing, I know how to handle it." What's imperative here is that we deliberately jump into these struggles to build resilience and knowledge to tackle them best. Like a tennis ball that bounces off the ground - every single time it meets it. 

So, how do you become a “tennis ball” yourself? See this process as creating a new habit. Some say that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and 90 to make it part of your life. You can start with putting 30 mins in your schedule every day with the title "Learning time"; this small act will make a huge difference. What do you do in those 30 mins is up to you: reflect on the previous day and learn from your actions, try out a new sourcing string, read an article about candidate experience, do a demo with a new recruitment tool, set up a meeting with your hiring manager or a team member from the team and ask them to show you what they do in their daily work – you name it! What’s important is that you make sure your brain is aware of the process and you’re in learning mode in these 30 mins. Some businesses are already thinking ahead and introducing the concept of bringing learning into the work of flow. For that, you have a seamless learning experience integrated into your outlook or Salesforce! Predictive analytics will suggest relevant training for you depending on your role and your interest.

  1. Read a book, go to a conference, find a buddy

The good thing about books and conferences is that in a period of less than 24 hours, you can learn a bunch of new stuff without too much effort. Finding a buddy might help you a lot to boost your skills too! Collaborative learning – also called social learning – is a thing! Having someone to keep you accountable, and spar with, is undoubtedly a great way to learn continuously. On the other hand, having a buddy from another company could provide you with more diverse approaches to any of your daily challenges. I’ve realised that often the challenges I face when it comes to work are things fellow TAs have faced too. A quick message to my go-to buddies in the community has solved countless problems in less than a couple of hours. 

  1. Make the best use of technology

There are some pretty amazing tools out there that can help you and your teams a lot with learning at the workplace. Think of, for example, Cornerstone's Hiring Heroes - a portal that can help you link with peers, improve your skills, as well as provide support on all your challenges. Sign-up for free and get a taste of what Cornerstone Learning can offer your department.

We all know that we can't stand still anymore, and we have to take action. It might sound scary, challenging, out of your comfort zone - and that’s completely OK! Start small, don’t give up and you will soon see the results! Now is YOUR time - start building your recruitment resilience, continue with your growth and become even more successful in the post COVID world.

Do not miss out on “A Coffee with Teddy Dimitrova” video, in which I discuss with Alicia Roy, Content Manger for Cornerstone, how TA can adapt to change!

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