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7 Reasons to Take Your Learning Online

Chad Savoy

VP of Sales, Datadog

Growing businesses are typically more likely to use instructor led training (ILT) than e-learning. But ILT is expensive, tricky to coordinate over multiple locations, dependent on instructors’ schedules, and really really difficult to finish off outside office hours or off-site. Time for a change?

Take a look at our top reasons to learn to love the cloud, and take your learning online..

1. Better data, better decision making

Since data is collected automatically, you avoid the potential pitfalls of manual data entry, and the time spent exporting and importing data between systems. Share learning data with complementary systems - cloud-based performance reviews or recruiting for example - to help you make more informed decisions about your workforce.

2. Get easy access to a huge range of learning content

Source courses from content providers, or create and upload your own: standardized content formats (like SCORM) mean you can easily re-use your existing content, or use material someone else has created. It’s easy to get started with something as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF.

3. Only pay for what you need

Cloud software is scalable so particularly suits growing businesses. You pay for the features, licenses and content you need now, and add more on as your needs change.

4. Engage and empower learners

Most cloud-based learning systems have social features that engage your learners with tools to share, recommend and rate courses, recognize and promote achievements.

5. Train anywhere, any time

Cloud software’s on-demand and mobile capability means your people can train away from their desk, the office, or outside work hours - particularly important if you have employees on the road or working remotely as part of their jobs.

6. Cutting edge technology, without the cost

Get continuous access to the latest technology, regular updates, world-class security, and everything on the backend is managed for you: no need to buy, set up, run and support hardware and software at multiple locations. Updates or upgrades are usually included at no extra cost, so you’re always using the latest version.

7. It’s easy to use, so it gets used

Cloud-based software is familiar to most people: whether sharing files, watching movies, checking emails or doing their accounts, people are used to interacting with software online. Cloud-based training systems are designed

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