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May 2015 Product Release: Improve Knowledge Sharing, Hiring Decisions and Employee Engagement

Leslie Surley Kostrikin

Director of Services, Verticals & Product Marketing, Cornerstone

In the age of the always-connected workforce, employees feel overwhelmed with the excessive amount of information they receive. Sifting through the information to find the critical nuggets that will help you perform your job better is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our May ’15 Product Release introduces new features that empowers employees to share relevant knowledge with their teams, quickly identify and hire quality candidates who are most likely to stay with the organization, and keep employees informed and engaged anytime, anywhere.

Learning & Connect

Programs & Cohorts. Reinvent the classroom experience online and provide a more cohesive, collaborative learning environment with personalized curriculum programs for cohorts, large or small. Provide a central hub in which employees can engage in productive discussions to share information and participate in continuous learning. With easy-to-use tools for instructors to engage with various cohorts during a training program, organizations can now provide valuable and effective online learning experiences for your people, while controlling costs and more effectively measuring L&D results. This ultimately helps connect an increasingly distributed workforce, improve employee engagement, and drive innovation.

Video Commenting. Social media has changed the way people consume and interact with content. With the introduction of asynchronous video commenting, employees can comment, ask questions, and view responses within the context of their curriculum and without having to be in the same place at the same time. Students and instructors can now easily interact with one another and learning content in a way they are familiar with outside of work.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Selection. Training new employees can be very expensive and the cost of the failed hire is too great to ignore. Cornerstone Selection uses candidate assessments and predictive analytics to uncover which candidates are the most promising at the point of application – helping recruiters reduce time to hire, improve success rates for acquiring top talent, and increase employee retention by finding employees who are the right fit for the job.

Cornerstone Mobile

Connect Live Feed. Easily keep your employees informed and engaged with the new Connect Live Feed. Users can now view status, activity, and broadcast updates and also post, comment, and like content – all from the Cornerstone mobile app. Improve your employee engagement and productivity by enabling your employees to stay up to date and connected while on the go.

Push Notifications. With an increasingly mobile workforce, it is becoming more difficult to keep your organization informed and engaged. Reach employees where they are – on their mobile devices – with instant notifications that allow them to take appropriate action at their convenience. Help your employees cut through the noise and simplify the work environment by providing relevant, critical information.

Learn more in the May ’15 Product Release Video:

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