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Office Hours: 3 Ways for L&D Leaders to Become Long Term Strategic Advisors

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Behavioral economics tells us that humans prefer the comfort of the status quo over the effort of adaptation. But, if it's true that 85 percent of the jobs of 2030 don't yet exist, this could be a major problem. What will it take to set the inherently change-averse worker on the track of continuous learning and growth?

In this video, Summer Salomonsen, head of Cornerstone Content Studios, recommends three actions L&D leaders can take to prepare employees for the jobs of the future and truly become their strategic advisors on learning.

First, she says, learning practices should be proactive, not reactive—they should anticipate the company's changing needs. Second, these L&D programs should never be allowed to get stale, but should evolve along with the employees they support. Third, L&D leaders should allow a "culture of inquiry" to spread, one in which employees, fully understanding the need to adapt, will take initiative and pleasure in their continuous professional development.

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