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Office Hours: Your Company Needs Leaders to Become More Agile

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The reward for enterprises that embrace digital transformation is higher than ever before. Constellation Research found that in digitally transformed industries, leading companies are taking 70 percent of the revenue and over 77 percent of profit. The companies leading the charge are new businesses and startups bringing fresh ideas and digital fluency to their organization. Businesses that fail to adopt continue to lose out to their more agile competitors.

Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research, identifies enterprise acceleration—or increasing the speed at which enterprises modernize—as one strategy to help legacy businesses catch up to their competition. To do so, enterprises must create an environment in which their people are continually improving and touching up their skills .

In this video, Mueller explains that to be successful, enterprise leaders must encourage employees to share their skills across the company in an effort to increase the rate at which information is shared and employees adopt new skills.

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Pioneering the future of work with spatial learning

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