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Ripped from the Headlines: Adam Miller's Straight Talk on The Bill Kutik Radio Show®

Cornerstone Editors

If you’re not a regular listener of The Bill Kutik Radio Show®, why not?

Bill, among other things (e.g., intermittent rabble-rouser and panel moderator extraordinaire), has been the technology columnist for Human Resource Executive for the past 25 years and founded what has evolved into the seminal trade show in our business (the HR Tech Conference). In his spare time, he produces the Bill Kutik Radio Show, a biweekly (and candid) interview with a key figure in human resources or HR technology.

This time around Bill interviews our very own CEO Adam Miller. It seems to me that Bill appreciates a guest who will come on the show and tell-it-like-it-is. After all, who fancies an equivocator?

Adam has always bucked trends and conventional wisdom as a co-founder and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand. In Bill’s own words: "Adam Miller has been a frequent guest on the program because in the face of massive industry consolidation, he has kept his company independent. As well as his outspoken views on industry trends, tempered ever so slightly by being a public company."

Talking with Bill, Adam dishes out straight talk on a handful of topics, some ripped straight from recent headlines:

  • The recent acquisition of SumTotal by Skillsoft;

  • The future of learning;

  • Why he is turning Cornerstone’s offices into a SoCal-version of Google (specifically, why it’s a sound investment with proven ROI); and

  • What he is learning about HR process and technology needs in countries around the world, as he takes Cornerstone global.

Hosted by our good friends at Appirio, the Bill Kutik Rado Show is just a click away.

(And for more insight and interviews with several top minds in HR, check out our Talking Talent with Bill Kutik series.)

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