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Tailored talent insights to inspire action

Tailored talent insights to inspire action

The Talent Health Index walks you through the four maturity levels of the talent health maturity model, each building on the previous one.

Level 1: Foundational

The basic building blocks are in place to meet the essential talent and learning needs of a business and employees, but emerging areas of talent strategy, like upskilling and talent mobility, are on life support.

Level 2: Administrative

While some processes are still manual, talent initiatives expand beyond compliance and offer employees some skill-based opportunities. Healthy steps are being taken, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Level 3: Sophisticated

Automated processes, tools, and some analytics are in place. These organisations are consistently developing their employees and have established an engaging learning culture.

Level 4: Transformative

A highly self-driven talent and learning culture that integrates people, job roles, and skills data to inform business decisions. These organisations have mastered their talent health and are exceptionally fit.

Self-assessment sneak peek:

Self-assessment sneak peek:

  • What is the perception of learning in your organisation?
  • What best identifies how skills needs are identified in your organisation?
  • How is goal setting done at your organisation?

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