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What is Workforce Agility and Why is it the Future of Talent Management?

How we work is evolving at a lightning-fast pace and few organizations are able to adapt quickly enough to keep up. From new required skills and development requirements to workforce data visibility, most companies find themselves falling into the workforce readiness gap.

A holistic workforce agility strategy is now imperative to overcome these challenges in order to maximize productivity, employee retention, and revenue. In this webinar, Cornerstone's CHRO Carina Cortez and Yanni Amouris, Principal, Strategy Services engage a lively discussion about the future of work, what workforce agility means in practice for most organizations, and how you can move forward on your own workforce agility journey.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • The evolution of workforce agility
  • Understand what workforce agility is – what it means and its key characteristics
  • Research-based evidence on the impact of workforce agility on organizational outcomes
  • How to get started on developing a workforce agility strategy

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