Realizing the True Potential of AI in HR

Why An Employee-Centric Approach to Advancing AI in the Workplace Matters

The opportunity for artificial intelligence (AI) in HR is recognized, with survey findings from McKinsey & Company citing a 25% year-over-year increase in the adoption of AI in business processes.* However the application of AI for HR is fraught with challenges.

Most HR software vendors on the market have enriched their process-oriented solutions with AI but failed to deliver on the full promise: improving the employee experience in a way that has a meaningful impact to both employees and the business.

That’s because AI solutions for HR are often built specifically to optimize processes rather than to gain understanding and drive outcomes across a wide variety of flexible and changing situations.

Towards a true AI solution for HR

To realize the true potential of AI in HR, it needs to be more than turning qualitative career and employee data into interpretable, measurable, and comparable data-points. AI must be able to interpret and analyze that data in a way to make meaningful predictions on what organizations and their people need to be successful.

In this whitepaper you’ll gain insight into:

  • The genuine value of AI for HR beyond the streamlining of administrative tasks
  • AI uses cases to help you better predict and quickly respond to dynamic business changes
  • How AI built for HR can create a more personalized approach to career development, upskilling, and more

Learn more about the true potential of AI in HR to create a better employee experience and drive business success.

*Global AI Survey: AI proves its worth, but few scale impact, McKinsey & Company, 2019

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