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Customers at the Heart: Cornerstone Wins 4 Gold BHG Excellence in Tech Awards

Ajay Awatramani

Chief Product Officer, Cornerstone

At Cornerstone, we’re on a mission to help organizations and their people rise to become extraordinary. And we don’t take this mission lightly.

As a SaaS company, one of the primary ways we realize this mission is by delivering tools and strategies that can help people grow and succeed. Our lens is not just focused on addressing a business challenge or need but also on providing a great experience for our customers and the millions of users who interface with our solutions every day.

It’s why on behalf of the Cornerstone team, I’m pleased to share that Cornerstone has won Gold in four categories of the Brandon Hall Group (BHG) 2020 Excellence in Tech awards!

  • Best Advance in Technology Innovation for the Remote Workforce: Remote Work Essentials and Cornerstone Content Anytime
  • Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology: TalentLink
  • Best Advance in Performance Management Technology: Cornerstone Performance
  • Best Advance in Talent Management Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Cornerstone Recruiting, Learning, and Performance

As BHG explained in its announcement, "Winners of Excellence in Technology Awards are critical drivers of their organizations’ success, especially in these disruptive times. Their solutions resulted in substantial benefit to their business and the human capital management function. That is the ultimate differentiator: the positive business impact of technology these awards recognize."

You can learn a lot from others' experiences, especially when the experiences are those of your peers. With this thought in mind, here are a few customer success stories that demonstrate how the above award-winning solutions are taking their organizations to the next level.

The County of San Mateo helps employees adapt and transition to remote work with Cornerstone Content Anytime

BHG Award: Best Advance in Technology Innovation for the Remote Workforce

To help our customers shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cornerstone launched Remote Work Essentials, a Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA) subscription. This curated subscription helps organizations adapt and transition to a virtual working environment. It provides modern learning content on all of the skills needed to stay productive, connected, and mentally fit while working remotely.

Take the County of San Mateo, California, as an example. CCA became a solution to help thousands of County employees adapt and transition to a new virtual working environment. Gabe Aponte, the L&D program manager at the County shares, "We’re so glad the timing [of our CCA launch] worked out because a lot of employees had to upskill at the start of shelter in place...we were getting a lot of questions, and we would send employees deep links to recommended courses, and they were taking them."

Read more about the County’s story and how CCA courses became an integral part of how they support employees in the time of COVID-19, providing their people new tools and methodologies to effectively continue to perform their jobs and provide critical services to County residents.

Fagron enhances the candidate and recruiter experience with TalentLink

BHG Award: Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology

One of the most effective ways to find and onboard better global talent faster is to build strong relationships between your organization and your candidates.

TalentLink helps organizations like Fagron, a global pharmaceutical multiple brand organization with over 2,000 employees worldwide, identify great candidates, engage them across multiple channels, and build deeper candidate connections at every touchpoint.

Auralie Blauwbloeme, global HR project manager at Fagron, put it best when she said this about TalentLink, "Our reporting not only shows us what’s going on at a hiring level but our costs and savings by not having to outsource recruitment."

Learn more about how Fagron transformed its recruitment experience and improved hiring cost savings with TalentLink.

RMS shifts toward agile performance management with Cornerstone Performance

BHG Award: Best Advance in Performance Management Technology

How do you empower your employees to do their best work? At RSM US LLP (RSM), the leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services to the middle market, good work starts with putting employees first—embracing all of the passions and talents that make them who they are.

Chief talent officer for RSM Katie Lamkin and her team phased out annual performance reviews at the organization in favor of more regular performance conversations using Cornerstone’s Performance Suite. The RSM talent management team also worked with business leaders to develop a new career development framework to identify the knowledge, skills and attributes that describe success at various levels of the company.

This framework became the backbone of ongoing performance discussions at RSM. Managers are encouraged to share feedback with employees regularly through the Cornerstone Performance Suite—an effort known as "Project Feedback" internally—and research shows employees feel more engaged when they have regular feedback conversations with their manager.

"We know—whether it’s with our clients or our teams—the power in a relationship comes from being understood," said Lamkin. "When you feel truly understood, you feel supported and confident in achieving both your personal and professional goals."

Read the full case study for more on how RSM has shifted toward agile performance management, improving the way everyone works.

How Assurance provides individualized coaching and development experiences for its people

BHG Award: Best Advance in Talent Management Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

It can be challenging for small and medium businesses (SMB) to find the right learning and talent solutions to advance their talent game. They need the flexibility to support their people as they grow while also boosting individual employee engagement.

The story of how insurance provider Assurance used Cornerstone’s end-to-end talent management solution for SMB to coordinate and execute a comprehensive people strategy is best when they tell it.

"For us, Cornerstone was an investment which allowed us to provide every person at Assurance an experience that’s as unique as them," said Michele McDermott, senior vice president of human resources at Assurance. "As we expand our business and add new members to our team, we know that Cornerstone can grow with us and help us maintain and continue to refine this amazing employee culture we’ve built."

With their new unified approach to performance and learning, Assurance streamlined compliance reporting, created a centralized place for all learning content, and improved the feedback process.

Now, managers say they feel more empowered to have honest conversations, and employees look forward to receiving feedback to improve their day-to-day performance. Furthermore, the HR team and leaders are using performance review data to close skill gaps and to set the stage for succession planning.

Our clients’ success was foundational for our success at the BHG Tech Awards

"It’s clear Cornerstone has increasingly demonstrated its position as an innovator that supports the entire employee lifecycle from talent acquisition to learning management and career development, in addition to its longstanding position as a leader in learning," says Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer at the Brandon Hall Group.

Our team at Cornerstone takes great pride in this distinction. It’s an honor to help our customers bring their talent strategies to life. An unbreaking conviction drives us to ensure our clients successfully guide their people through their careers and advance their skill sets.

Wherever you are on your talent journey, if you’re looking to explore how to take the right next step, talk to us. We’re here to help.

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Cornerstone offre risorse formative gratuite ai profughi, alle famiglie ospitanti e ai caregiver


Cornerstone offre risorse formative gratuite ai profughi, alle famiglie ospitanti e ai caregiver

Знайти ресурси, які пов'язані з реагуванням на кризу, що розгортається в Україні, та ситуацію з біженцями у цьому регіоні, українською мовою. {Accedi alle risorse in ucraino per supportare la crisi e i profughi in Ucraina} Найти ресурсы на русском языке, связанные с реагированием на разворачивающийся кризис в Украине и ситуацию с беженцами в этом регионе. {Accedi alle risorse in russo per supportare la crisi e i profughi in Ucraina} Znajdź materiały w języku polskim, aby odpowiedzieć na rozwijający się kryzys na Ukrainie i problem uchodźców w regionie. {Accedi alle risorse in polacco per supportare la crisi e i profughi in Ucraina} La salute mentale, sia delle persone colpite dalla crisi umanitaria sia di quelle che lavorano per fornire aiuto e supporto, è importante. Chi vive una crisi spesso deve affrontare traumi, stress e lutti. Non solo; spesso deve affrontare trasferimenti, la perdita della casa e dei propri averi, l’incertezza per il futuro. Tutti questi fattori possono avere un effetto sulla salute mentale. Allo stesso tempo, coloro impegnati negli aiuti umanitari spesso devono lavorare per molte ore ininterrottamente in condizioni difficili e pericolose. Sono testimoni di sofferenze e di morte e a loro volta rischiano di essere sopraffatti dalla crisi. Per entrambi i gruppi, è importante fare qualcosa per conservare il loro benessere mentale. Oltre ai profughi e ai soccorritori c’è un terzo gruppo di persone la cui salute mentale spesso non viene considerata. Molti dipendenti di Cornerstone ospitano profughi nelle proprie case e da loro abbiamo capito che chi ospita offre molto più di cibo e riparo. Le famiglie ospitanti si occupano di persone che sono state sradicate dalle loro vite per approdare in un paese in cui non conoscono nessuno e di cui non parlano la lingua. Stress, ansia e depressione possono svilupparsi anche nelle famiglie che offrono ospitalità. Molte aziende e comunità si sono mobilitate per supportare i milioni di persone colpite dalla guerra in Ucraina. Cornerstone e la sua Fondazione hanno sviluppato una serie di video brevi sul tema del benessere mentale per aiutare profughi, famiglie ospitanti e le comunità a rischio in Ucraina e nei paesi vicini.Sviluppati in collaborazione con The KonTerra Group, i video sono disponibili in inglese, ucraino, polacco e russo e coprono i seguenti argomenti: Affrontare il lutto e la perdita: inglese, polacco, ucraino, Russian Conservare il benessere durante l’evacuazione: inglese, polacco, Ukrainian, Russian Comprendere e gestire il trauma vicario: inglese, polacco, ucraino, Russian 10 consigli per supportare lo staff dopo eventi traumatici: inglese, polacco, ucraino, Russian Cos’è il counseling e come può aiutarmi?: inglese, polacco, ucraino, russo Come restare calmi durante un’emergenza: inglese, polacco, ucraino, russo La Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation da dieci anni offre formazione online gratuita ai professionisti dello sviluppo e degli aiuti umanitari in tutto il mondo attraverso la piattaforma online aperta Con la creazione di questi nuovi video, la nostra fondazione vuole fornire supporto a tutte le persone impegnate negli aiuti umanitari, nonché ai profughi e alle famiglie che li ospitano. Per ulteriori informazioni su DisasterReady e per trovare ulteriori risorse formative gratuite online dedicate al personale impegnato negli aiuti umanitari, potete visitare i nostri siti in inglese, polacco, russo, ucraino, arabo, francese, or spagnolo.

Cornerstone Partners With Microsoft to Bring Learning into the Flow of Work

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Cornerstone Partners With Microsoft to Bring Learning into the Flow of Work

Making time for learning during a busy workday is challenging. According to a recent survey, a majority of employees reported thattime is the biggest barrier to their development. But over the course of the pandemic, and even in the years before, we’ve seen how quickly business needs—and therefore, the needs for employee skills—change. Learning is more important than ever and needs to be delivered in new ways that drive accessibility and information retention. To help companies remain truly adaptable and nimble, they need to integrate learning into the flow of work. It’s why Cornerstone and Microsoft are partnering to make learning in the flow of work possible and support employees’ growing learning needs. Both of Cornerstone’s LMS platforms (Cornerstone Learning and Saba Cloud) will be integrated into Microsoft Viva—Microsoft’s new Employee Experience Platform (EXP)—to make it easy for employees to discover, share and engage with learning content without having to switch back and forth between solutions. "Cornerstone is bringing great value to organizations by integrating its solutions within Microsoft Teams, right where employees are working every day," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, COO, Experiences + Devices at Microsoft Corp. "The new Microsoft Viva empowers employees to make learning and development a natural and intuitive part of their daily work." How Cornerstone Powers Learning in the Flow of Work on the Microsoft Employee Experience Platform Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Teams, Microsoft Viva seamlessly helps your organization build human connection, foster growth and wellbeing, and drive peak business performance. And now that experience encompasses learning, including the integration with Cornerstone. Incorporating learning opportunities from Cornerstone’s LMS offerings into Microsoft Viva Learning makes it easy not only to access learning, but also integrate it into the flow of work. Employees using Teams can seek out, share and/or assign learning content based on their current needs. For example, if an employee is struggling with their workload, a manager could engage in a real-time 1:1 conversation and based on that discussion, serve up training on time management or organization skills. This way, in addition to providing real-time coaching and feedback, the manager is also able to give their employee development resources in a timely and relevant manner. In another instance, an employee that’s familiar with HTML but hasn’t used the skill for a while might find a quick refresher course—rather than spending time and energy re-learning through trial-and-error. For more on the power of this partnership, watch this video announcing Microsoft Viva Learning Removing Barriers to Learning Cornerstone and Microsoft’s collaboration will help remove barriers to learning and empower organizations and their employees to grow and adapt for the future. Our learning solutions contain training to meet employee needs across on-demand learning, compliance and career development. Through this partnership and through Microsoft, employees will soon have the ability to access learning where they are, when they need it, to power stronger individual and company performance. As a leader and pioneer in learning, we’ve accumulated the largest pool of learning data and insights in the world over the course of our 20 years in business. We are thrilled to share that experience, expertise and passion with Teams and its users. Read the full announcement to learn more about Cornerstone’s partnership with Microsoft.

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