County of San Mateo: Content Anytime accelerates employee growth in both traditional and virtual work environments

Formed in 1856, the County of San Mateo, California, provides for the health and welfare of more than 750,000 residents in the 20 towns and cities under its jurisdiction.

With over 5,500 employees, the County of San Mateo provides a broad range of services to its residents — both in incorporated and unincorporated areas — including social services, public health protection, housing programs, public safety, and elections.

The County’s recent addition of diverse, curated learning content offerings from Cornerstone was driven primarily by two key needs. First, the changing face of today’s workforce — specifically the increase in millennials and gen Z — with their affinity for online consumption, technology usage, and on-demand access forced the organization to update its content offerings. Second, a projected wave of manager retirements over the next five years is driving the need for effective succession planning. Clearly, an active learning culture within its employee base was essential to addressing these factors.

In late February 2020, both Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA) subscriptions — Professional Skills and Leadership & Management — were unveiled on Learner Home by Cornerstone, the County’s new, dynamic LMS (Learning and Management System) home page. These content subscriptions expanded the County’s ability to upand re-skill their people while increasing employee engagement with internal promotions and unique delivery methods.

Curiosity is the Cornerstone of innovation

Located in the nexus of innovation in Northern California, the County of San Mateo is home to leading software, gaming, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies. The County also strives to innovate in providing services to its employees, and part of that is promoting a culture of continuous learning. “Curiosity is the cornerstone of innovation,” declared Theresa Rabe, Deputy Director of Human Resources, sharing their vision to enable and empower employees at every level with learning opportunities tailored to their needs.

Anytime, anywhere

Realizing the need to revamp training due to a changing workforce with different expectations, the L&D team of the County of San Mateo started evaluating and then piloting Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA) with its power users in Fall 2019. Pleased with employee feedback, the team went live with CCA Professional Skills subscription with availability to all County employees in late February 2020.

One month later, COVID-19 drastically changed the workflow and work environment for the thousands of County employees required to work from home. CCA courses became a part of the solution to get employees adapted and trained with new tools and methodologies to effectively continue to perform their jobs and provide critical services to County residents.

Piloting through power user

Before jointly launching Learner Home and CCA broadly to all 5,500 County employees, the L&D team did a pilot of the new LMS home page. They generated CCA course playlists, customized course carousels, and chose courses for recommended spotlights. They also incorporated feedback from a survey of power users to refine the pilot design. Everything was implemented first during the pilot and tested with these users across all County departments to ensure that a strong foundation was set for go-live time to all County employees.

Marrying Learner Home and CCA

The County chose to roll out Cornerstone’s Learner Home product along with CCA. Gabe Aponte, the County’s L&D Program Manager, shared how CCA enabled them to populate a user’s individualized Learner Home with new and relevant content, making the rollout synergistic and helping to drive user interest in taking courses. “We went live with Learner Home the same day we rolled out Content Anytime…that was big for us because that is changing a home page employees are used to in a transformational way,” Aponte stated.

Succession planning

Facing a wave of management retirements over the next five years, the County needed to update and strengthen its succession planning. One part of the solution was a subscription to CCA Leadership & Management. This provided highly curated content specific to leadership and management skills and challenges. The training also dovetailed with the County’s transition to a learning organization with specific annual training goals and requirements for each employee.

Implementation and updating time savings

Before they implemented CCA, the County had previously sourced content from another external vendor. The team found out that they had to download content, configure courses, set-up an evaluation process, and repeat the steps whenever there was an update.

With CCA, the overall solution was high quality, competitively priced, and eliminated a lot of the manual work sourcing and making content available to employees used to require. “The time savings was huge. That probably would go at the top of the list for me,” Aponte remarked.

Moreover, the continued growth of courses always gave the team additional content to push out to users. Even small details like artwork for each class offering made a difference in making an employee’s Learner Home more attractive and dynamic, driving higher engagement with course offerings.

Measurement metrics

As a public agency with detailed and specific procurement processes, the County is very deliberate in acquiring tools and ensuring the longevity of IT solutions. Additionally, it also considers slightly different metrics when determining the ROI of a solution, focusing more on longer-term measurements. License utilization over time is important to ensure funds are well-spent and allocated. Feedback is particularly important including if people can utilize course content in their current roles and if they recommend courses to other employees. Feedback during the initial launch of CCA has employees giving strong, positive marks (over 90 percent) on both metrics.

Up-skilling and re-skilling during COVID-19

As with other public and private entities, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a rapid and unexpected change in the working environment for thousands of County employees. Demand for training on IT tools soared, and CCA became a critical part of providing that training.

In fact, during the first week of working-at-home due to COVID-19, CCA course completions rose more than 450 percent over the launch week as employees refreshed, updated, and expanded their software skills to adapt to the new work environment.

The spike in demand for courses has gradually subsided, but the need for anywhere, anytime content delivery is here to stay according to the L&D team who foresee training being exclusively online at least through the end of the year.

Bingeing in the time of Coronavirus

An interesting trend that County L&D team member Erica ZunigaLumidao has observed is that users are gravitating toward short-form content, such as Grovo bite-sized, adaptive micro-learning courses that users can access on their mobile phones as well as TED Talks that impart lessons on topics such as life skills and leadership.

Another trend that Zuniga-Lumidao shared is content “bingeing,” where users consume entire playlists of 10–12 courses in one day. The L&D team also plays a critical role in making employees aware of new content, recently moving to a monthly cadence for sending out a county-wide L&D newsletter, “Learning Compass.”

Banner ads on internal web pages also drive course sign-ups as the team has observed a course being filled with twenty additional employees within a half-day solely due to promotion on a banner ad.

A library that is always evolving

Zuniga-Lumidao noted that CCA, with its constantly updated course and content offerings, enables the team to declare, “You name it, we got it.” The team has been pleasantly surprised to see the amount of additional content being released even in mid-cycle updates. Once they catch up cataloging and promoting new content to users, they will receive an email alerting them to another content push which she thinks is great, providing something for every target audience.

Sharing with other counties

Rabe opined that the timing could not have been more perfect in launching CCA one month before the COVID-19 crisis.

CCA’s enhanced learning opportunities and offerings became part of the solution in helping County employees adapt and transition to a virtual working environment. The team also combined CCA offerings such as TED Talks with internal programs such as Virtual Cafes to promote increased employee virtual engagement while also taking advantage of additional CCA capabilities such as Zoom integration.

And like any good leader, Aponte has been communicating constantly with his L&D peers in adjacent counties such as San Francisco, Alameda, and Santa Clara as they all navigate providing learning solutions virtually during COVID-19. As part of that, he shared with them his experience setting up and utilizing CCA.

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<個人がキャリア形成を行う時代の人材マネージメント②>企業の人材育成は 個別最適化された学びの実現へ


<個人がキャリア形成を行う時代の人材マネージメント②>企業の人材育成は 個別最適化された学びの実現へ

従業員個人への最適な学びを提供するデンソー、個別化されたキャリアデザインへを支援するみずほフィナンシャルグループ、豊富なコンテンツでのタレントマネジメントを社内展開するUDトラックスの事例と、各社が個別最適化された学びや個人のキャリアへの企業側のサポートについて議論した、パネルディスカッションの内容をレポートします。 *講演内容 ・ラーニングシステムで個人に最適な学びを実現 (株式会社デンソー) ・みずほらしくない人材を募集する理由明らかに (株式会社みずほフィナンシャルグループ) ・豊富なコンテンツを揃えタレントマネージメント実践 (UDトラックス株式会社) *パネルディスカッション ・自由なキャリア選択ができる時代に企業は人材育成投資をいかに考えるべきか? ・個別最適化された学びをいかに実現するのか? ・鍵となるのは50代のスキルアップ




企業が激しい競争を生き抜いていくためには、人財マネジメントの進化が必要だ!」 コーナーストーンオンデマンドの米本社最高技術責任者マーク・ゴールディンは 「イノベーションなくしては成功がない時代に、あなたはどう備えているのか?」と問いかける。 日本ではいまだに、「管理」するためのものというイメージが強い人事システムだが、管理する だけでなく、社内にどんな人財がいるのか、新たに必要な人財、スキルとはどんなものかを巴握し、外部からの採用、社員の再教育を行うことなどで、イノベーションが必要な 時代に対応した企業へと変わっていく必要がある。人財不足が叫ばれる中、企業が生き 残るために必要な進化した人財マネジメントとはどんなものなのかをご紹介しよう。




1969年の創業以来、Wendyʼsはファストフード業界のイノベーターとして30カ国以上、6,650店舗を展開しています。この内95パーセントをフランチャイズ店が占めています。創業者の「デイブ・トーマス(Dave Thomas)氏の価値観」は今日までWendy'sの日々の業務の中で大切にされています。 「当社が差別化を図る方法のひとつとして、品質へのコミットがあります。すべてのお客様に喜んでいただきたい、それがすべてです」と話すのは同社のチーフ・ピープル・オフィサーの(CPO)コーリー・オブライエン(Coley O'Brien)氏です。 「“品質ヘのコミット”を実現するため、社員がそれぞれの立場で成功し、当ブランドのビジョンを実現できるよう、組織開発やトレーニングを実施しています」。 これまでWendy'sでは、主に、紙ベースで学習を行ってきました。「業務マニュアルやDVDなどを使っていましたが、効率も悪く、思うほど効果も上がりませんでした。受講者やフランチャイズ店のニーズに合わせ、業績にもっと大きなインパクトのある学習戦略が必要だと認識していました」とオブライエン氏は言います。 コーナーストーンを選んだ理由とは? Wendy'sは新たな学習戦略を追求する中で、コーナーストーンオンデマンドを知りました。 「使いやすく、当社の他のテクノロジーと親和性の高いプラットフォームが必要でした。また当社独自のニーズを理解し、ベストなソリューションを一緒に見つけてくれるパートナーを求めていました。」オブライエン氏は続けます。「我々の業務を改善し、学習システムやプロセスを簡素化する取り組みの一環としてコーナーストーンラーニングとコーナーストーンコネクトを導入しました」 現在、Wendy'sでは対話式の最新トレーニングを25万人以上の社員と350のフランチャイズ店に提供しています。オブライエン氏は、「コーナーストーンラーニング上に、当社の店舗向けeラーニングプラットフォームWeLearnを構築しました。このシステムで、日々平均1万人がコースを修了しています」と話します。 また、コーナーストーンのプラットフォーム上にリーダシップ研修システムのWendy's Universityも構築しました。「Wendy's Universityでは店舗マネージャー、複数店舗経営者、現場でのサポート管理者向け、とオンラインで多様な学習ソリューションを提供しています」 修了率98パーセントを達成 Wendy'sは毎年25万人の社員に食品安全認定トレーニングを実施しています。これは連邦、州、地方行政からの実施義務数を上回るものです。 「コーナーストーンを導入してからはシームレスになり、修了率は年々改善しています。2017年1月から2月は98パーセントの修了率を達成しただけでなく、当社の食品安全認定トレーニングに関するヘルプデスクへの問い合わせがゼロになりました」とオブライエン氏は言います。 学習内容が業績につながる Wendy'sでは、コーナーストーンラーニング上に構築したWeLearn上で25種類の認定資格を提供しています。解析によると、平均13個以上の認定を持つ社員のいる店舗ではそうでない店舗より優れた業績を挙げています。 オブライエン氏は「これらの店舗では、顧客満足度スコア、売上、来店者数が高く、離職率が低い傾向にあります。当社は好業績につながるLMSを求めていました。コーナーストーンを活用し、年々それが実現できています」と話します。 業務能力とエンゲージメントの向上 WeLearnの業務シミュレーションでは、食品関連を扱う準備として、オンラインシミュレーションで訓練を受けることができます。 「新入社員は学習段階で失敗を体験しながら学ぶことができます。コーナーストーンを使うことで、実際のお客様や食品に接する前にオンラインシミュレーションでスキルを訓練することができます」 成長に向けて Wendy'sはグローバルに、そして米国内でも事業の拡大を目指しており、何千人もの新入社員に対するトレーニングが必要となります。 Wendy'sではコーナーストーンを活用することで、新入社員への急なトレーニングでもシームレスに提供できるようになりました。「当社には多くの成長機会があります。コーナーストーンが、その成長への一翼を担ってくれています。コーナーストーンの活用はうまくいっており、さらに事業拡大に役立てていきます」と、オブライエン氏は語ります。



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