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5 global Cornerstone customers share their successes from focusing on learning content

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In the Cornerstone 2021 Skills Report, we asked employees how their organization could improve the skills development solutions provided to them. Their answer was clear: Employees want more — more content, more tailored career guidance, more coaching and mentoring, and more shadowing opportunities.

Overwhelmingly, nearly 80% of employees report wanting more learning content from their employers, the most popular answer by far.

It just so happens that learning content is something of a passion of ours. In fact, Cornerstone recently won six Telly Awards for original content video excellence in Diversity & Inclusion, Workplace Culture, Sustainability, and Corporate Training.

Your people want learning content for today's world, or as we call it, "content so good, you may spend your whole day learning." We know this because our customers demand it, and they're the ultimate proof-point of the power of learning and high-impact content.

Here's how organizations around the world used Cornerstone learning content to develop their people and grow their collective success.

How the pandemic refocused organizations on learning

After quickly pivoting to a remote work environment during the pandemic, many organizations reevaluated their priorities and refocused on employee skills development.

Dick's Sporting Goods used a time when employees were unable to work to double down and reinvest in their people.

"During the pandemic, we were able to focus on learning and professional development opportunities for our teammates. While they were at home and, unfortunately, not working, we were able to provide them with additional tools and resources to enhance their skillset. We leveraged learning content available within Cornerstone during that time to help them with well-being and stress, and of course, we have a lot of inclusion and diversity resources go out."

The insurance company and Cornerstone customer, Ageas, found ways to tie learning into every communication with employees.

"When the pandemic hit, it changed how we worked with our organization and how we communicated with our people. We were very clear from the beginning that we wanted to have streamlined messaging to the business so that they were heard and felt by our people. Each month we would plan out the key messages we want to go out from a business perspective, well-being, etc. We found ourselves weaving in learning into every comms to our people."

Investing in learning and better content paid off

UK-based company Thames Water found that the right content subscriptions allowed them to reach all of their employees with learning and provide skills training at every level.

"It was all about creating pockets of content around the areas that were as much about people's personal interests but also about the areas that were going to move us forward. And that's where Cornerstone Anytime actually was key. We saw a lot of people who were very strong in digital services, for instance, or were very strong on your traditional soft skills or had a nice little piece around leadership and management. And with the two subscription packages that we bought from Cornerstone, professional and leadership, we got a nice blend across the board that meant there was truly something for everyone."

Investing in Cornerstone content provided measurable results for Fairway Mortgage's employees and company.

"Not only did we reduce hours of training for our upper-level managers, but the content is also really, really good. I learned something. I've watched it several times, testing through all the modules. The content is to the point, it's relatable, and honestly, it's enjoyable. It makes me and my team really feel good that we did something so great for the company."

And when Wells Fargo provided quality, curated content to their people, it only increased the demand for learning. The company saw a 100% increase in registrations as well as growth in returning learners. Around 73% of all their training is self-directed, as learners continue to develop in change management, virtual team leadership and agile mindset adoption. Investing in learning only increased employee appetite. Employees effectively said, "I want content more than ever. I want to develop. I want to learn. I want to grow. I want to be better in these key areas."

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