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5 Essentials for Employee Mental Health & Well-Being

According to the World Health Organization, 60% of the world’s population is now at work. Globally, 12 billion working days are lost a year due to depression and anxiety, estimated to cost the world economy over 1 trillion dollars in productivity. In 2022, the US Surgeon General released a framework for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being.

In this webinar, Cornerstone's Cheryl Paxton-Hughes & TiER1 Performance's Meg Switala discuss the five essentials for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being and how organizations can address each of the following elements at a macro and micro level:

  • Protection from Harm
  • Opportunity for Growth
  • Connection & Community
  • Mattering at Work
  • Work-Life Harmony

Well-being at work is not about a program or paid days off; instead, it’s about creating a culture where people can thrive.

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Investing in mental health: How to support your employees' wellbeing

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Investing in mental health: How to support your employees' wellbeing

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and anxiety disorders — beyond the personal impact they have on individuals — cost the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. With ongoing challenges and uncertainty in the world, it's critical to recognize the impact that mental health has on our lives and our work, as well as the role of workplace culture in supporting employees' well-being.

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