Continuous Performance Management: the shift from accountability to development

Imagine the day when someone in a horse and buggy saw an automobile for the first time. That person must have thought, “There's a better way; I'm looking at the future.” That's the way we create things from technology to new ideas: first, we crawl, then learn to walk and finally run. In the workforce, our version of crawling was to regard employees as assets to be held accountable by stick or carrot via annual performance reviews. The iterations of how to motivate, engage, and retain employees grown and changed over the decades. Now, finally, we are taking our first steps at a run with a philosophy and practice called Continuous Performance Management.

Year-end performance reviews are increasingly no longer a best practice because they don't reflect the needs of modern workers. In one study, 95% of employees are dissatisfied with the annual review process and 90% don't believe they provide accurate information.

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A manager's guide to confronting performance issues

On-demand Webinar

A manager's guide to confronting performance issues

One of the most daunting tasks managers face is dealing with an underperforming employee. Traditional approaches to performance management often leave managers unequipped to deliver constructive performance feedback. As a result, employees feel demoralized and defensive rather than motivated to succeed. It doesn't have to be this way. View this webinar and you’ll gain insights into: Why traditional performance management makes correcting underperformance so challenging How a modern approach to performance management impacts employee engagement and productivity How to adopt a five-step process for diagnosing employee performance issues How to address underperformance in a way that feels good to the employee

Cornerstone Performance for SMB


Cornerstone Performance for SMB

Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire manage and develop your people. Whether you’re a team manager, a rising star, or a business executive, Cornerstone Performance motivates all employees and inspires great work. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations finally have an engaging performance management system that enables collaborative goal setting, continuous, meaningful feedback, and analytics to make smart business decisions.

Build your bench strength! A guide to succession planning for growing companies.


Build your bench strength! A guide to succession planning for growing companies.

Succession planning – the process of identifying, selecting, and grooming talent for leadership – is critical to achieving your companys long-term goals. Its really a nobrainer: finding and developing leaders ensures youre always prepared for expected and unexpected talent vacancies with a diverse talent pool of ready successors. Plus, smart succession planning gives you a competitive advantage, as it takes you beyond simple replacement planning – a gamble of talent and resources – to creating individuals who are qualified to lead your company in the future. So how can organizations create training opportunities that prepare candidates for new roles and provide companies with viable succession planning options? Consider these five key steps.

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