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Cornerstone Galaxy: Shaping the future of workforce agility

Srinivasa Ogireddy

Chief Technology Officer

As the work environment rapidly evolves, organizations struggle to keep up with the necessary skills, diverse expectations and required visibility into workforce data. This creates a workforce readiness gap, resulting in missed revenue and performance opportunities.

To overcome this gap, organizations need a comprehensive workforce agility strategy. This strategy should help your organization accelerate skill development, align goals between their people and managers and easily design a future-ready workforce. But traditional HR solutions simply aren’t built to do this for workforce agility.

A universe of possibilities

Today, we're introducing Cornerstone Galaxy — our complete, AI-driven workforce agility platform that revolutionizes workforce readiness and drives organizational success. Our open, holistic platform unifies experiences and data while seamlessly integrating with your HR tech ecosystem.

We bring specialist depth to a breadth of learning and talent solutions that deliver the growth your people want alongside the skills and insights your organization needs. Since our platform is flexible and extensible, we can partner with you to tailor the solution that meets your organization’s precise requirements. Whatever your tailored solution is, you’ll find our commitment to innovation can enable you to overcome your workforce readiness gap and embrace workforce agility.

As part of our commitment to innovation, I’m excited to announce four new solutions we’re adding to our Galaxy:

Cornerstone Immerse

Imagine a world where professional development isn't just a passive activity but an immersive experience that accelerates skill acquisition through realistic practice and feedback. Whether it's mastering sales pitches, navigating complex healthcare scenarios, honing leadership skills or refining decision-making abilities through scenario-based training, the possibilities are endless.

  • Tackle the challenges in closing skills gaps and drive desired behaviors as business needs evolve
  • Learn soft skills in a less risky environment, building confidence faster and enhancing productivity
  • Create personalized, immersive learning to facilitate or practice real-life talent mobility, development and skill conversations to drive better retention and engagement
  • Leverage immersive learning alongside additional modalities to meet learners where they are in the flow of work

Cornerstone Immerse is now available to customers globally.

Cornerstone Companion

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity as routine operations are optimized with generative AI, taking the focus off processes and onto strategic talent development. Companion offers unprecedented productivity and personalization, built on an ethical and responsible technological framework and powered by a LLM-agnostic native GenAI platform.

Our generative AI achievements and distinctiveness stem from our extensive data assets and domain expertise accumulated over 25 years. This enables us to drive consistent success for global companies as we continue to introduce AI-enabled capabilities and functionality across our platform.

  • Streamline adoption and impact talent development immediately with guided, personalized experiences delivered at scale
  • Assist admins by automating routine tasks and augmenting their capabilities, from creating job descriptions to content curation
  • Boost creativity and effectiveness by helping curators pick the right content for the right person at the right time

Cornerstone Companion is targeted for availability to customers globally in English in Q3 of 2024.

Cornerstone Extend

Embracing our longstanding commitment to openness, we have Cornerstone Extend, a talent ecosystem with more than 400 partners and a unified marketplace for platform extensibility. This developer platform improves usability and access for partners to integrate and showcase their offerings while enabling customers to tap into a wealth of innovation from our trusted partners.

  • Extend the Cornerstone ecosystem into other critical parts of your business, such as record-keeping, recruiting or custom process implementations
  • Save time and resources by leveraging hundreds of ready-to-install solutions, including apps, connectors and other integration solutions
  • Discover solutions from over 400 Cornerstone partners

Cornerstone Extend is available today, and our reimagined Cornerstone Extend marketplace is targeted to launch in Q4 2024. We invite new partners to join us and customers to contribute their requests for new integrations.

Cornerstone Talent Intelligence

With our advanced analytics capabilities and partnership with Visier, a globally recognized leader in people analytics, you'll gain unprecedented insights into your workforce, allowing you to understand the business impacts of talent programs — no data science background required.

Use Cornerstone Talent Intelligence to:

  • Leverage data to diagnose problems and make informed decisions
  • Provide pre-built reports to help connect talent processes with tangible outcomes like retention, skill acquisition and engagement
  • Understand what skills gaps you have and diagnose the root cause by tracking skills movement in and out of your organization

Cornerstone Talent Intelligence is targeted for availability in the 2nd half of 2024.

Shooting for the stars

In a world where the pace of change is accelerating, the need for organizations to adapt and evolve has never been more urgent. The Cornerstone Talent Health Index recently found that only 59% of employees were confident in their organization's prioritization of skill development opportunities, compared to 88% of employers. This sobering statistic reminds us that complacency is not an option — we must address the workforce readiness gap head-on.

Cornerstone Galaxy offers solutions for a brighter, more resilient future, driven by a vision of empowering organizations and individuals to navigate the complexities of the modern world. We recognize when people are at their best, organizations are too.

Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the future of work — one immersive experience, one personalized solution and one data-driven insight at a time.

Are you ready to raise the bar on your people talent experiences to boost productivity and drive business success? Book a demo.

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Rapid technological advancements and unpredictable market dynamics create an incredible challenge for organizations — the workforce readiness gap. The gap — an inability of a workforce to adapt to the pace of change — lowers companies' capacity to identify and develop essential skills, address the evolving development needs of their workforce, and leverage critical employee insights.

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