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Cornerstone Partners With Microsoft to Bring Learning into the Flow of Work

Heidi Spirgi

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Cornerstone

Making time for learning during a busy workday is challenging. According to a recent survey, a majority of employees reported thattime is the biggest barrier to their development.

But over the course of the pandemic, and even in the years before, we’ve seen how quickly business needs—and therefore, the needs for employee skills—change. Learning is more important than ever and needs to be delivered in new ways that drive accessibility and information retention. To help companies remain truly adaptable and nimble, they need to integrate learning into the flow of work.

It’s why Cornerstone and Microsoft are partnering to make learning in the flow of work possible and support employees’ growing learning needs. Both of Cornerstone’s LMS platforms (Cornerstone Learning and Saba Cloud) will be integrated into Microsoft Viva—Microsoft’s new Employee Experience Platform (EXP)—to make it easy for employees to discover, share and engage with learning content without having to switch back and forth between solutions.

"Cornerstone is bringing great value to organizations by integrating its solutions within Microsoft Teams, right where employees are working every day," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, COO, Experiences + Devices at Microsoft Corp. "The new Microsoft Viva empowers employees to make learning and development a natural and intuitive part of their daily work."

How Cornerstone Powers Learning in the Flow of Work on the Microsoft Employee Experience Platform

Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Teams, Microsoft Viva seamlessly helps your organization build human connection, foster growth and wellbeing, and drive peak business performance. And now that experience encompasses learning, including the integration with Cornerstone.

Incorporating learning opportunities from Cornerstone’s LMS offerings into Microsoft Viva Learning makes it easy not only to access learning, but also integrate it into the flow of work. Employees using Teams can seek out, share and/or assign learning content based on their current needs.

For example, if an employee is struggling with their workload, a manager could engage in a real-time 1:1 conversation and based on that discussion, serve up training on time management or organization skills. This way, in addition to providing real-time coaching and feedback, the manager is also able to give their employee development resources in a timely and relevant manner. In another instance, an employee that’s familiar with HTML but hasn’t used the skill for a while might find a quick refresher course—rather than spending time and energy re-learning through trial-and-error.

For more on the power of this partnership, watch this video announcing Microsoft Viva Learning

Removing Barriers to Learning

Cornerstone and Microsoft’s collaboration will help remove barriers to learning and empower organizations and their employees to grow and adapt for the future. Our learning solutions contain training to meet employee needs across on-demand learning, compliance and career development. Through this partnership and through Microsoft, employees will soon have the ability to access learning where they are, when they need it, to power stronger individual and company performance.

As a leader and pioneer in learning, we’ve accumulated the largest pool of learning data and insights in the world over the course of our 20 years in business. We are thrilled to share that experience, expertise and passion with Teams and its users.

Read the full announcement to learn more about Cornerstone’s partnership with Microsoft.

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Three years ago, we started our blog to spur conversation about the changing landscape of talent management, hinged upon the influence of technology in our industry. Fast forward to today, and what began as a few posts has grown into a thriving community of expert contributors, internal gurus and readers sharing novel insights and advice on a variety of topics — from engagement through gamification to Tinder for recruiting to the everlasting value of intuition (even in our data-driven age). We are inspired daily by the conversations and ideas shared on this site, and today, we're thrilled to announce the next iteration of the Cornerstone blog: ReWork. With a crisp design, new features and a sharpened focus, ReWork reflects our ambition to be a guide to the modern world of work, helping executives and HR leaders navigate and succeed in the tech-driven economy. We'll continue to feature HR's leading experts, explore cutting-edge technology and offer solutions to today's toughest talent management challenges, but we're changing things up, too. Here are a few big things you'll notice on the new ReWork: Mobile- and Social-First As you'll often read on our blog, mobile is fundamentally changing the way we create, consume and share information — both in the workplace and our personal lives. Our new design is easy to navigate, highly visual and completely responsive, so you can stay on top of the latest stories from any device — desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. We've also integrated social sharing more fluently into the design, so you can quickly and easily share articles with your networks. New Categories The world of work is changing, bringing new talent management trends and practices into the limelight. To reflect the changing priorities of HR, the articles on ReWork are now categorized into six topics: Talent Management: Management-level stories and how-tos that run the gamut from recruiting and hiring best practices to employee retention strategies. Learning: L&D is now such a crucial aspect of talent management, it gets its very own category. Expect strategies and examples of how to deliver state-of-the-art learning to your workforce. Innovation: A look at how emerging technologies and digital tools are changing how employees and HR pros do their jobs, with real-world lessons you can apply to your own business. Culture: Tips, tricks and trends on how to attract the best talent with an engaging office culture — covering innovative benefits, the latest perks, company values, wellness programs and more. Leadership: Advice on how HR leaders can get a seat at the C-suite table and editorials on why strategic talent management is critical to business success. Company News: Stay up-to-date with all things Cornerstone, from product announcements to new research to company conferences. In addition, we're introducing featured articles under "Editor's Picks" and "Most Popular," so you can choose stories based on our team's reading list or dig into what your peers love right now. New Story Formats and Voices The redesign allows us to tell stories in new ways. Expect to see more visual stories that are quick and easy to read, and graphics that explain the latest industry research and management strategies. As we grow, we'll also be adding more names to our team of experts — so stay on the lookout for new faces, or send us a note if you're interested in contributing. The power of technology to realize human potential has been a guiding force for Cornerstone since day one, and we're excited to continue exploring how the digital world will impact the future of work here on ReWork. Thanks for reading! P.S. Pardon our mess if you notice any broken images or links that lead to nowhere! We've made every effort to clean house before launching the site, but we've no doubt missed a few glitches. If you notice any problems, please send us a tip at Photo: Shutterstock

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