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Future of AI in talent acquisition: Fundamental shifts and beyond

Novnish Ramesh

Content Marketing Manager, EMEA

As the job market constantly evolves, organisations seek to revamp recruitment and talent acquisition approaches for 2024. In an exclusive interview on Personnel Today, Andrew Brown, UK Regional Director for Account Management, RPO and Recruiting at Cornerstone, sat down with host and HR wellbeing editor Ashleigh Webber and discussed the prominent trends shaping the talent acquisition landscape.

A closer look at the top trends in talent acquisition

There is a constant buzz around artificial intelligence, everywhere from events to leaders' talks in boardrooms. But Andrew takes a closer look at what's important. It's the hunt for the right people with the skills that organisations are looking for. Dealing with finding great talent and fighting off the problem of nearly half the team leaving is a big deal for most companies.

Andrew dives deep into these issues, advocating for a return to a "back-to-basics' model. This revisits the timeless concepts and principles of talent acquisition: a strong employer brand and an understanding of what candidates want. What's genuinely different today is the candidate preferences: sustainability, diverse developmental pathways and a progressive work culture.

Before delving into the vast realm of AI and machine learning, it is essential to remember the basics. Perfecting the employer brand and aligning it with the candidates' evolving expectations is the launching pad to explore the broader horizons of technological solutions.

AI transforming the recruitment landscape

Talking about AI, Andrew mentions its impact on two critical areas: elevating the candidate experience and empowering recruiters and hiring managers. The early AI tools introduced in the talent acquisition space, primarily candidate-focused chatbots, have demonstrated varying levels of complexity. The advanced applications strive for a user-friendly candidate experience, similar to the Amazon level familiarity. The goal is to create a seamlessly enriching journey for candidates, making it easier to attract, connect and smoothly integrate them into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Another aspect that Andrew highlights is how AI supports recruiters. It involves offering suggestions based on candidate profiles and successful matches and aiding recruiters through chatbots to streamline decision making and talent acquisition.

Cornerstone's AI journey and future vision

Andrew sheds light on Cornerstone's strategic use of AI, particularly in sourcing and generating intelligent recommendations based on past experiences. Cornerstone leverages data to predict metrics like hiring time and enhancing historical assessment techniques. Amid this tech adoption, Cornerstone emphasizes the need to tread carefully when employing platforms like ChatGPT. While these tools bring efficiency, there's a degree of uncertainty. Cornerstone is keen on creating partnerships to fortify AI-driven recruitment strategies, working hand-in-hand with pioneers.

AI-powered evolution of talent acquisition

As AI continues to evolve, the future looks incredibly promising, opening up endless opportunities for the fusion of technology and recruitment. This insightful chat with Andrew paints a picture of a future where AI seamlessly integrates with recruitment, creating an innovative and efficient talent acquisition landscape. Watch the full interview for insights and developments in the AI-powered evolution of talent acquisition led by organisations like Cornerstone.

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