How to personalize your Convergence 2021 agenda and 3 sessions not to miss

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Cornerstone Convergence (our all virtual, entirely free conference) is here to help leaders become inspired, connect with peers and learn about their roles in the future of work. Join us on November 16-17 ​​for an incredible lineup of more than 50 sessions.

Your organization is looking to achieve its goals, and your people are looking for ways to grow and succeed. And talent leaders hold the golden thread: To help everyone thrive in this moment, HR professionals can connect teams to new opportunities and challenges that in turn help your organization shape its larger purpose.

No matter what your role or experience, the following sessions have valuable takeaways for every attendee:

  • Mainstage keynote sessions will feature an open discussion with Cornerstone executives about today’s HR world and how Cornerstone is accelerating organizational growth by helping people become future ready.
  • The newest Cornerstone Original Series, A Seat at the Table, will premiere its first episode of honest conversations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace with commentary from the creators.
  • Cornerstone: Personalizing Development to Internal Opportunities with Cornerstone Xplor will share more information about new innovations for personalized learning and skills that connect to growth opportunities.

Convergence will feature dozens of other learning and networking opportunities, as well as some special live interactive sessions on topics such as: thinking differently, driving authentic performance, building high-performing teams and embracing change with our MC, David Meade, an expert in psychology, learning and behavior.

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Looking for a personalized experience to be able to bring back the most useful insights for how you can benefit your organization? See our recommendations below for which sessions to prioritize depending on your role in the talent space.

Choose a Convergence agenda tailored to your role

Our goal at Convergence is to help talent leaders expand the boundaries of how we think about work. From Chief Learning Officers to HR teams to Cornerstone system administrators, we’ve got you covered, as we’re again empowering you to build your own conference agenda. You can curate your own experience by choosing from nearly 50 breakout sessions across our four unique tracks: Product Meet-ups, Customer Spotlights, Bold Thinkers and Content Channel.

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose what sessions are most valuable for your unique role and expertise.

For learning leaders:

  • The curious advantage: The greatest driver of value in the digital age explores why curiosity is a critical characteristic for employees in today’s workplace, featuring author and CLO Simon Brown.
  • The global learning reset: What the pandemic has taught us will examine what Cornerstone’s 80 million global users were learning during key moments of the pandemic — and what that teaches us about building relevant workplace learning.
  • Personalizing development to internal opportunities with Cornerstone Xplor will share more information about new innovations for personalized learning and skills.
  • Plus, don’t miss the 2021 RAVE Awards recognizing Cornerstone customers driving outstanding outcomes for their people and organizations. Maybe it’ll even be you!

For HR and talent leaders:

  • Betting on HR leaders with HR consultant, author and podcast Laurie Ruettimann lays out the framework that can help all workers — including talent-focused leaders — improve employee experience and take better risks.
  • New Principles for Talent and People Success will include the latest research and newest principles from Fosway Group’s CEO and founder, David Wilson.
  • Delivering skills-first careers powered by AI features Cornerstone customers Deutsche Post DHL and Alstom as they share how they identify and forecast the skills needed for tomorrow’s success.
  • Leading for well-being: Compassion as a core competency, a session hosted by author and employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen.
  • Seeing around the corner, a lively Q&A with industry analyst Josh Bersin that examines critical talent trends and key technology advancements to keep you ahead of the curve.

For Cornerstone administrators:

No matter which Cornerstone solution your organization uses, we’ll have dedicated sessions for you. Convergence will feature a variety of product meet-ups and training labs, including information and tips about how you can personalize development by:

  • Building modern learning for every employee
  • Increasing recruiter efficiency
  • Uncovering skills data in Reporting 2.0
  • Skill building in Performance
  • Mastering Curriculum versioning
  • Building your bench with skills
  • Making better workforce decisions with better data
  • Building an eLearning masterpiece with the Create Tool

Meeting the moment at Convergence 2021

We want the experience at Convergence to be intimate, useful and actionable. So we’re redefining how we think about work and presenting innovative ideas about how we can meet this moment as people, teams and organizations. Watch the video below to hear more from Chief Customer Officer Chris Stewart about how the agenda for Convergence is ready to meet the needs of customers and talent leaders across the globe.

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