Improving internal mobility through skills

Internal mobility is a strategic priority for any company looking to better engage and retain talent. The pandemic, increased competition for external candidates, and “The Great Resignation” have forced companies to rethink how they promote and empower their workforce. According to this study, 47% of companies have increased the number of internal hires and 41% of companies are increasing their investment in internal mobility initiatives this year.

This research report, conducted by HCI in November 2021 and sponsored by Cornerstone, looks at the current state of internal mobility and how a skills-based approach can drive a more effective program.

A few of the key findings include

  • Internal candidates are treated the same as external candidates, going through the same process
  • Executive leadership and CHROs are responsible and held accountable for internal mobility
  • Only 50% of companies are satisfied with the technology they are using to support internal mobility

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