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Reskilling And Upskilling In An Ever-Changing World: How Assicurazioni Generali Helps Its People To Flourish

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With over 73,000 employees globally and operating in the fast-paced and ever-changing insurance industry, training its people and keeping them up to speed is essential forItalian insurance company, Assicurazioni Generali. With its brilliant, highly customizable and user-friendly global learning program, We LEARN, powered by Cornerstone, users can access learning in their own time and preferred format, tailor and personalize learning and get a clear understanding of where they may need to work on some of their skills. Through this, Generali is finding new ways to make learning engaging, fun and adaptable to make sure its people can flourish and reach their full potential.

Starting With the Basics: How to Know What Skills are Missing

In some of Cornerstone’s own recent research, we found that shockingly, 40% of people don’t feel enabled to develop their skills with the resources their company provides. When companies don’t have the right resources to help their people, this is a wasted opportunity and is likely to create a lasting skills gap. Moreover, a McKinsey study recently found that many organizations believe skill building is a more effective way to close the skills gap than hiring new talent. This is exactly what Generali’s platform is doing.

The platform offers one place for all its people from across the globe to come together on a highly interactive learning journey with high-quality courses. It also promotes digital learning and distance learning to counteract any contact restrictions currently in place. Generali’s content library is jam-packed full of both its own great content and Cornerstone’s Content Anytime offering.

With so many courses and options available, it can be difficult for users to know exactly where to start and can even feel slightly daunting or overwhelming. This is where the skills assessment within the program comes in particularly handy. Generali has created a content-based questionnaire to help users identify the right learning paths for them and to highlight potential gaps in their knowledge. This helps users to tailor their learning to their current roles or the roles they are aspiring for.

Smaller Content to Absorb, Bigger Skills to Gain

Content in the We LEARN library allows users to access the training they need in that moment and to also share their skills and learning. Course breakdowns make it simple for users to both upskill and reskill, depending on where their skill gaps may be. As well as the general courses for basic training, users can enroll into Mini-masters courses which are dedicated to very specific roles. This offering helps people move into new roles and makes transitions between roles internally much easier. Job roles are evolving every day, so to mediate this change, Generali also offers training that concentrates on new skills for evolving roles. These digital and virtual classroom courses are aimed at spreading new skills which will help Generali’s people to succeed in their current roles now and in the future.

The long-term effect of working from home has had a clear impact on our attention spans and instant gratification is more important than ever. Generali’s short and interactive training makes learning easily accessible in shorter amounts of time. This way of working offers more control to employees with more flexibility, resulting in greater productivity. Generali’s people are more engaged, and the quality of the training has significantly improved too. This agile approach to learning means that people can really go at their own pace and the intuitive user experience is helping to inspire lifelong learners.

With an average of 21,000 monthly unique user logins, the platform is clearly having a huge impact on Generali’s people! Since implementing the program, 60 new skills have been identified and the number of users is continuing to rise. It’s clear this hard work and effort from the team is impacting its people; helping to close those skill gaps and keep its people prepared for anything.

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