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One of the key drivers in activating skill development and business transformation is the content that learners consume to develop new skills, adapt to new environments and engage with organisational initiatives.

Join us as we review how organisations in our eco-system invest in and consume content to drive impact in their people strategies. Get some insight into what content pieces have been consumed over the last months, in Europe, around the world and specially in Eastern Europe.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How, where and why people are consuming content.
  • What key investments are being made by organisations and aligned to what skills.
  • How Cornerstone is responding to address the market’s biggest needs.

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Drive your organization forward with Skills in Cornerstone


Drive your organization forward with Skills in Cornerstone

Organizations need to continuously grow the capabilities of their people to meet an always-changing landscape. Whether it’s new technologies or pivots in business strategy, organizations can be more effective if they know what skills are available to them, and what gaps they need to fill.

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