2023 Talent Management Technology Value Matrix

Courtesy of Nucleus Research

As the workforce quickly changes and organizations adapt to new economic challenges, it’s essential for talent leaders to remain updated on the latest technology designed to engage, upskill, and retain high-performing employees. To help leaders stay on the cusp of innovation, Nucleus Research assessed various talent management technology vendors, including Cornerstone, in 2023.

Discover why these technology vendors are focusing on self-guided learning, skill identification and verification, and performance analysis at the individual, team, departmental and organizational level – and why Nucleus Research ranks Cornerstone as a "Leader" in this ever-evolving space.

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Driving more value for customers: Cornerstone March 2024 product release

At Cornerstone, we’re driven by a relentless commitment to empower people to be their most extraordinary. Although we’re a leader in learning and talent management, our reach extends beyond just learning and talent leaders. We serve stakeholders from every area of the business — from information technology and quality and regulatory affairs to business process owners and all the people who make up an organization.

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