The Purpose-Driven Organization: HR’s Opportunity During Crisis & Beyond

February 17, 2021

The Purpose-Driven Organization: HR’s Opportunity During Crisis & Beyond

Why purpose-driven talent practices matter

In times of crisis, 84% of executives believe clear purpose impacts an organization’s ability to transform.*

While change is a natural and an unavoidable part of life, no one anticipated the crises we are collectively experiencing in 2020. Now, organizations have an opportunity to re-evaluate and adapt to the new world of work by helping their people find meaning and contribute to a more optimistic future. And talent leaders are being called upon to help lead the change.
Intentional decisions and clear priorities align employees to purpose and motivate them to act
In this research report published by RedThread Research, explore why organizations need talent leaders to exert an active role in the conversation around purpose at work. Whether your organization is just starting out or you are deep in your purpose journey, you’ll learn why purpose-driven talent practices matter.

You’ll gain insight into:
  • What is purpose and how does it differ from other related terms (e.g. mission, vision)?
  • What is HR’s role in creating a purpose-driven organization?
  • What does the employee experience look like at a purpose-driven organization?
  • What are some of the purpose-driven practices we’ve seen in response to significant current events?
Learn more about how purpose-driven talent practices help achieve business success
* RedThread Research: The Purpose-Driven Organization: HR’s Opportunity during Crisis and Beyond, 2020